Can you get more done on Quora if you go to the Community Manager ‘ wear out ‘ and do false reports? Why do people who find themselves highly educated and civilized so sneaky and childish and dare not solve it themselves?

What is fair and what is unfair?Why if someone reports something to me, do you call it negative if it’s grinding me?

It is very important for Quora that every writer here feels safe to share his or her experience and knowledge without being bullied, mocked, insulted or looked down.

If you, anonymous writer, do not understand this, then you do not belong to the Quora community.

I am as impartial as possible.For example, I banned a writer who had written hundreds of answers, but he was also really unpleasant for other writers on Quora.

Respect the rules of Quora, and then you will not be reported, nor will you be moderated.It’s that simple.

The Quorage community is growing fast, and I can’t see anything anymore, so I encourage all writers to report when something is not in order. Either directly to me, either by using the report button on Quora.

I’m not too grinding, I want to keep Quora an enjoyable and fun environment.

Today I came home to see my wife weeping on the couch.Someone had written as a comment on her answer “is not so too zeiken, Wiff” or something. I immediately grabbed her phone, made a mention, and blocked this friendly gentleman. It may be that her answer was wrong, it may be that this gentleman had a different opinion, but that is NEVER an excuse to react in this way.

My wife is autistic, and emotionally very sensitive.She takes criticism very personally very quickly, and this was really too much for her. I really have an elephants skin. I’ve been sitting on Quora for a while, and I’ve come across these types of type. My routine is to report, block, ignore, forget…. And we go through again.

For my wife, social interaction is very tiring, and Quora was an equal hit for her.Now she walks around with the idea to quit Quora. They find that it has nothing to add. Quora has not helped with this. The bulges remain here, and the rest is left out. That is why there is moderation. Quora cannot verify any answer or comment, and is therefore dependent on community notifications.

My wife has a lot to say.A lot of abuse has been made of her autism. Her life story shows especially the bad in humanity, and the shortcomings of social and assisting the Netherlands. The man who told my wife not to be whine may also join this list. Just a pathetic male who doesn’t deserve more time and attention.

I really hope that Quora is doing something with this report.And I hope that once a Quora user sees those kind of comments, he or she immediately makes a notification.

Please let us keep it cosy.

Slijmen-Seems to me not really successful at Celine.Just be friendly, and she’s friendly back. This is how people generally work.

And yes, I’ll just report it if you don’t BNBR’t or ask questions about how to kidnapping someone (yes, those kind of questions really come along occasionally).It’s not my job to ‘ solve it myself ‘. I don’t even have the resources for it and I don’t need to fight online. In addition, I report things, which I suspect, it is not up to me to definitively judge it.

I once had that comments from me have been removed.Someone then commented on a reply from me and I, in hindsight, did not respond nicely and respectfully.

I think this was reported then, and the next morning they were gone.Then you can still appeal, or to sign the decision or something (I don’t know what the terminology is on the Dutch site). I did not do that, because it was quite right that they were removed and I was also wrong. In my opinion, the Community manager is always honest, and if you disagree with a decision you can always talk about it…

The point is, I could have solved it myself, and the other one too, but at that time I was in any case too close.It was shot at me in the wrong shrift, and I didn’t think of BNBR (‘ Be nice, be respectful ‘). At such a moment it is just better to walk away and report it.

So if you feel that something is unjustly reported… then go on to add another extra or you were not wrong.We all make mistakes and the best we can do is learn from it. In any case, I have intended to stop responding after 12 o’clock at night (there is never anything good about it) and, if I have a violent reaction to it, let it wait a day, or just not go into it.

Well, and if you still feel that it is unjustifiably, then you can discuss it with the CM.

‘, ‘ Remarkable combination: ‘ Sneaky and childish ‘ and then make this question anonymous.

“,” I’ve made a mention.The discussion was about accepting Muslims and asylum seekers. A certain gentleman made the claim that 80% of migrants are criminal. When I tried to refute that, this man began to argue that all Muslims are anti-Semitic, and that his daughter of 11 is raped by a Pakistani. The tone became inconsistent, strange and very violent. The guy also made comments in other places that I couldn’t post.

So the tone was very intense anyway, bit similar to the tone on which this question was posed only then a little worse, and perhaps that moderation wanted to look at that kind of content.I cannot even estimate the sincerity of such a message, and I initially made the assessment that this was a troll. I have therefore passed this out of concern to Quora user, because it is in a better position to assess the situation than I do. Accidentally disturbed her Saturday night because she responded immediately, so I don’t do it next time in a different way.

For the rest, I even have people who propagate ‘ n ‘ racial doctrine in the form of IQ realism not given up in moderation, despite the fact that it would be useful for a certain audience.So I don’t really feel like this incident. If the tone escalates and the message is very hateful, I feel I can make a report.
But MSS.That I do not have to answer anyway, because I am certainly not highly educated, and to the civilized is sometimes also a bit to scraping unfortunately.

I am particularly wondering why you are asking anonymously a passive, aggressive and clutchy and lusty coming question.

The neighbor had raped his neighbour (because “she asked for her short skirt”) and was arrested after declaring the parents (who happened to have studied).From jail he wrote on Twitter:

“Can you get more done in the Netherlands if you go to the police ‘ wear out ‘ and do false reports?Why do people who find themselves highly educated and civilized so sneaky and childish and dare not solve it themselves? “

I do not understand a few things from your question:

  • What is it that you can “get Together” on Quora
  • What do people think you find “sneaky and childish”
  • What is it that “they themselves dare not solve”

I am very curious about the story that lies behind this complaint-question.Apparently you feel that you have been wronged, but your question does not make it clear.

Unfortunately not.It’s someone who ticks us all on the fingers where needed; A kind of president. Has little to do with sneaky, no one has anything to a long strand of rant over and over again. Furthermore, I see here and there sometimes people adjust their opinions, not more than healthy anyway.

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