Can you get depressed from having responsibilities?

It’s not so much having responsibilities that can make you depressed as well as how you fill it out and the meaning you give it.

The solution does not have to sit in a reduction of responsibilities (can, of course) as well as learning how to adequately shape your responsibilities.You can also enjoy it.

Sure, that’s why a lot of people get depressed.

Yes, and you can also become depressed with responsibilities that you fear in the future, and which you are unsure whether you can deal with.The risk of being depressed is greatest if you have or are expecting responsibilities, which you cannot meet, or fear that you cannot come after.

I will clarify this on the basis of my personal situation.I grew up in the Netherlands, and have a reasonable education (MBO admininstrative). Despite this, I have never had a permanent job in the Netherlands. For that reason, I found it necessary to go to Ireland in 2003. I got a permanent job there in 2004, and worked with the same company until 2015, where I had to leave as a result of a reorganization. Although I was reasonably happy with that company, I would ask me to leave the Netherlands to succeed.

A major reason for this was that my mother suffers from a mild form of paranoid schizophrenia, my brother suffers from a mild form of autism, and that my dad would have the responsibility during my absence to help my mother and my brother.As a sign of this, I have always felt that I have abandoned my family, even though I could not do anything other than in Ireland for my sense of work.

After I lost my job in 2015, I still stayed until November 2016 in Ireland to try to get a steady job.Unfortunately that did not succeed, which made me feel compelled to come back to the Netherlands. Between November 2016 and now I have only worked for 1 year. I have for almost 4 years now a chronic unveryness m. B. T finding and retaining a job. I have had many cases where contracts could not be renewed, and I could not find a follow-up job. I have also had some cases in which I have been dismissed. I am a shy and introvert personality, and I find it difficult to quickly decide to take on my work, and sometimes to come up for myself. I’m also not so handy with computers, because I can’t handle a lot of information about sliding time because I’m not a good multitasker.

These are things that frustrate me tremendously, also because I am an intelligent man, who was successful for Havo and VWO, and had the highest final graduation average of my entire graduation class on Havo.I had the highest average of more than 100 pupils, and I received books from the German and English embassies. As a schoolboy, I never expected me to have so many problems in my career.

As a result of all this stress, it’s often hard for me to visit my friends, since I’ve got to know my most friends in Ireland, and they either live in Ireland or abroad.I also miss a woman in my life, but I find that it makes no sense to dating in my current situation of uncertainty. I consider the chance in general that I will have a Dutch woman who I can have a long-term relationship with small, given my current work situation, the fact that a significant part of Dutch female does not have a relationship with a man of not European descent Wants, the fact that I am too small for many women, and the fact that I suffer from obesity. This rejection by women in the country I grew up with hurts me.

I am worried about my future in the Netherlands.I think I should rigorous me at, and retrain. All this is going to cost money and time. I’m thinking about training in 4 areas: 1 debtors and Creditorsadminsitration 2 logisitics, because I live near Eindhoven, and there are many jobs in the Logisitics are 3 French 4 German. Since there is a great chance that I should pay for training in my own pocket, and as a result of my long-term stay abroad, I am not entitled to a WW allowance, there is a great chance that I should pay all this out of my own pocket. As a result, I expect to be in constant money problems over the next few years, and perhaps the rest of my working life.

One last point of concern I have is my parents health.(I worry less about my brother). If something happens to happen to my father, I am the only one who is able to consult with doctors. Should something happen to my father, there is, apart from the care my father needs to have Zla, also the potential risk that my mother as a result of stress or ceases to take her medijcines, or falls back into anorexia. Both cases have occurred in the past.

Of course, too much and too little responsibility for yourself and others is never OK, a bit is enough.

Anything can. Depends on your self whether you allow certain negative moods to influence your life and personality.