Can you ever escape your past?

A damn difficult question.

On the one hand, you cannot undo the actual of the past.

And people often want to maintain a degree of consistency with their (perception of their) past: this is desirable to stabilize your identity.Indeed, a man is for a piece, perhaps a great piece, his/her story.

On the other hand, you can change the perception of what has been.That is the purpose of many therapies. And it is the perception that counts. Not the bare fact (facts are always interpreted).

And you can create new facts in the future.

If you are young, you are more free, because you do not have much past, but a lot of future.As you get older, it beats.

So, what wins?You can’t say in general, of course!

Things that play with are e.g.:

  • Are there very powerful things in that past?

Negative (traumas) or positive (experience experiences or just resilience after trauma) or both?

  • Do you feel like living?
  • How strong?

  • Do you have work tools to build your life: health, leisure, interests, friends, money etc…?
  • Good luck!

    As you formulate it, it looks like the Houdini Act.But my answer: yes.

    See the books of Byron Katie, or her site ‘ the works ‘.Her thesis: “What happened has happened. You don’t change that. Therefore, there is no reason to pay attention to it. Sin of your energy. ” For the how-to-this-does:

    You can remove your past.An end moving away, dealing with other people, seeking another profession. Celebrate Christmas alone. Different ways to keep your past at a distance. However, you are never really alone, you leave a trace of information, wherever you go and whatever you are doing and you stay yourself.

    Even if you come across someone on the street that recognizes you or the nephew of your old neighbor who meets you in the canteen of your new work and recognizes you still recognizes that vague neighborhood barbecue 20 years ago.

    Really escape, I don’t believe so. And why also, how you denounces it, it makes you who you are.You can certainly never escape from that.

    God can employ everything, including the negative past, as building blocks for a hopeful future.

    For I know what my plans are for you, saith the Lord.I have nice plans for you guys. Plans full of peace, not full of misery. Because I have a hopeful future for you.

    How do you mean escape?Forgetting you can’t do it at all, but it doesn’t seem impossible, it does take some discipline. But I am more of the positive side, namely what can you learn from it, what do you no longer want to do, how do you want to feel, what would you like to experience, how is it better?

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