Can you discover lies by observing one’s body language?

The best way to discover lies is by discovering contradiction or falsehood.

Body language is indirectly related to whether or not lying, but is difficult to read.If you expect someone to lie, you will also have to make it out of the body language earlier than if you expect the other to speak the truth. So you won’t read whether someone is lying or not, but you’re reading your own expectation in someone’s body language.

In a crime, some evidence is crucial, other evidence merely provides additional or supportive evidence.It proves nothing, except that it indicates that the suspect had the opportunity to commit the crime. Body language gives even less information.

There are open and closed questions.On an open question, someone can give each answer. A closed question limits that potential. ‘ Where were you last Thursday? ‘ is an open question. ‘ Why have you thrown away the murder weapon? ‘ is a closed question. It is presupposed that the interviewee is the culprit and has thrown away the murder weapon.

Reading body language is like asking closed questions.You submit the meaning yourself. Particularly interesting for sex offences, because there is often also a false accusation. If you go off on the body language you will always see the other lying and turning. I

Yes.But here is a huge caveat on his post.

First of all, with regard to all sorts of folk Wijsheden which are absolutely inaccurate.Many people assume, that when someone has difficulty looking at another, this person is lying or hiding something. The contrary is often true. Someone who is lying will often observe the face of his listener to see if there are signs of disbelief.

A second important point is that you have to realise that one signal says nothing.Only if a number of signals seem to print the same, you may base some conclusion on this.

And finally, or actually first, you should always have a 鈧?虄baseline .Everyone has 鈧?虄usual “鈩?that are meaningless as body language. If you do not know those custom-made cakes, then you have no idea whether a gesture is a signal, or just as鈩?N 鈧?虄commontegebaar .

So yes, by observing one’s body language you can derive a lot from the things that someone does not tell, including the given whether or not he is lying.But you have to have quite some experience to do that reliably. Learning a few tricks as 鈧?虄quick Fix usually ensures that you will continue to be very suspicious by life, because you think everyone is lying.


With the eyes blinking like a runaway flashing light.

Look away

A lot with a finger sitting on the face.

But a really trained liar becomes difficult to see.

My ex could look at me right in the eyes, full of love, and an open look that had nothing to hide, and then lying.And then he said, 鈧?虄i could never do that to you, because then I can no longer look in the mirror to myself.

But once I got it to flash it anyway.

And that was because he never expected me to completely know how it was.That the only reason he went out with me and wanted to marry me was because he wanted to take revenge on my ex husband. Because my ex husband told me who he was. And that he has no morality.

I didn’t believe him then, because my ex was so kind of honest about it, that it was just too unbelief for me, all the stories my ex husband told.No one believed my ex husband, who came across my ex. I thought my ex husband had told him because he was jealous.

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