When your MCL is damaged, your knee can over-extend itself, or bend too far in a direction that it’s not supposed to bend. You may heal on your own with basic care, rest, and rehab. But if your injury is severe, you may need to have surgery.

How serious is a sprained MCL?

Although the knee joint may not hurt or swell very much, a mild ligament sprain can increase the risk of a repeat injury. With a moderate Grade II MCL sprain, the knee ligament tears partially. With a severe Grade III MCL sprain, the ligament tears completely, causing swelling and sometimes bleeding under the skin.

Is cycling good for MCL injury?

ACTIVITIES AND EXERCISES AFTER INJURY TO THE MEDIAL COLLATERAL LIGAMENT (MCL) OF THE KNEE. and the following exercise program are recommended. Utilize a stationary bicycle to move the knee joint and increase knee flexion. You may ride the cycle with no resistance for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Herein, how do you know if you have an MCL injury?

The symptoms of an MCL injury may include:

  1. a popping sound upon injury.
  2. pain and tenderness along the inner part of your knee.
  3. swelling of the knee joint.
  4. a feeling that your knee is going to give out when you put weight on it.
  5. locking or catching in the knee joint.

Does MCL tear require surgery?

The MCL usually responds very well to non-surgical treatment, although surgery may be required in rare cases. Depending on the severity of the injury, a period of rest, bracing and physical therapy usually is sufficient to heal the tear. A grade 2 tear can take from two to four weeks to heal.

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Which is worse ACL or MCL tear?

The main difference between an ACL tear and an MCL tear is that an ACL tear will have a distinctive popping sound, while an MCL tear will not. MCL tears are typically easier to recover from than ACL tears. On the other hand, an ACL tear will most likely require surgery and at least six months or more of rehabilitation.

How can you tell the difference between a torn MCL and meniscus?

A medial meniscal tear can be mistaken for an MCL sprain because the tear causes joint tenderness like the sprain. With a valgus laxity examination, a medial meniscal tear can be differentiated from a grade II or III MCL sprain. The presence of an opening on the joint line means the medial meniscus is torn.

Where is ACL pain located?

You will likely feel pain in the center of your knee during an ACL tear. Because the MCL is located on the side of your knee, the pain and swelling will be located on the inside of the knee structure rather than the middle.

Can an xray show torn ligaments in the knee?

X-rays may be needed to rule out a bone fracture. However, X-rays don’t show soft tissues, such as ligaments and tendons. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An MRI can show the extent of an ACL injury and signs of damage to other tissues in the knee, including the cartilage.

Similarly, can a MCL tear heal on its own?

While an MCL tear can be extremely painful, the good news is that the tear usually heals on its own after a few weeks of rest.

What causes pain on the inner side of the knee?

MCL Injury – The most common cause of inside knee pain is an injury to the medial collateral ligament (MCL). The MCL is the ligament runs up the inside of the knee joint and it helps stabilize the inside of the knee. Depending on where on the meniscus an injury has occurred, a patient may experience inner knee pain.

What is the best knee brace for MCL injuries?

One of the best MCL braces is the DonJoy Playmaker Knee Brace because you can use it for everyday activities or during sports. The strap design of the Playmaker enhances support of the knee joint, which helps prevent MCL injuries and provides stability for a recovering MCL.

How do you check for knee ligament damage?

Valgus Stress Test

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The valgus or abduction stress test evaluates the medial collateral ligament (MCL). To perform this test, place the knee in thirty degrees of flexion. While stabilizing the knee, press firmly against the outside portion of the knee while holding the ankle stable.

How do you make your MCL heal faster?

Hold some crushed ice against the side of the injured knee for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat as necessary, leaving a 1-hour interval between treatments. Raising the knee on a chair or stool can help to ease discomfort. Protect the MCL while it is healing to prevent further injury and speed up recovery time.

In this regard, can you walk if you have a torn MCL?

Teens with a torn MCL usually need to take time off from sports, especially the sport in which the injury happened. If there is no pain and the knee does not “give way,” they can usually walk, stretch, and do low-impact activities such as swimming. Most teens with a low-grade MCL tear are back to sports within 6 weeks.

What kind of brace is used for a sprained MCL?

The best type of brace to protect the LCL or MCL is a hinged brace that will prevent the knee from buckling both inward and outward. A good ligament knee brace will provide added stability and compression to protect the knee.

Does a torn MCL hurt to touch?

When the medial collateral ligament is injured, most experience pain along the inner knee, and some can actually describe feeling or hearing a “pop.” For the first few days after the injury, the inner part of the knee can appear swollen and “black and blue” (ecchymotic) and is almost always tender to the touch.

Do knee injuries heal on their own?

A mild to moderate knee ligament injury may heal on its own, in time. To speed the healing, you can: Rest the knee.

How long does MCL surgery take?

The procedure usually takes one to two hours, depending whether other ligament or cartilage damage is evident.

How do you treat a MCL tear at home?

Most MCL injuries can be treated at home with rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medicine. Your doctor may suggest that you use crutches and wear a brace that protects but allows for some movement of your knee. You may need to reduce your activity for a few weeks.

Can a sprained MCL get worse?

It’s rare for someone with an MCL injury to need surgery, since this ligament can often heal within a few weeks or months with the help of other measures. But you might need it, especially if another part of your knee is also hurt.