Can we ruin our children by paying too much attention to them?

Absolutely NOT.Attention is a precious gift. If you really look at your children attentively (or to anyone) then you see what moves someone, which hampers him or her to have a free and fulfilling life (go). You see where you could lead (in young children) where you can adjust (with some older children) and where you can stimulate, support, comfort and motivate (in all children). Attention that you can assess whether you need to get into action or just give room.

If you confuse attention with meddling and indulgence, then probably something went wrong with the attention to you when you were a child yourself: too much or too little and it might cost a few generations to achieve a balance.

My thesis is in terms of my children’s attention; Better spoiled than neglected.

This has nothing to do with micro managing, giving stuff or pretending the world is a kinder surprise egg. I just give them open, undivided attention and am positively critical if they have to solve something themselves and be helpful where necessary.

As far as I can judge this has not yet led to damage.But, they have to have something to complain about if they end up in a midlife crisis at a psychologist later so too perfect I don’t do it again now.

Quite clearly so.Some parents are sick with their children.


It is about the intent of giving attention.I’m pretty suspicious when I get attention from someone, or become very self-conscious and uncertain.

When I got my mother’s attention, it was because she needed something and came to get me.When I got my father’s attention, there was always an indirect judgement/expectation behind it.

I don’t think by the attention.Rather with stuff and candy. In my opinion, more attention only means that they will learn more easily and faster, including social interaction.

Yes that is certainly not good (I will explain why) but also important again.When I say that giving attention is not well meant that not that you should not show empathy. Understanding and empathy are important. Children learn because of their environment. There they stick some of it, we are the example for them. You cannot expect the child to grow up completely independently. Of course he needs attention. But at the right time.

Otherwise, your child can grow up with Peterpan syndrome.

This is when a child does not become mature and always stays 鈧?虄child .

I never read the book on this. I do know from commentators that if you turn your child away he will never become independent. For example, children screams and scream by getting their way. If the parent responds to it or pays attention to it, children can keep this habit.

This behavior is sometimes shown in adults.That they become angry or yell at others to get right or their sentence.

There are many and many more problems that come with the children and teenage years.Maybe I’ll write a whole list of all Dillema s.

Too is practically never goeed.Each child and each adult will react differently to a certain amount of attention. If you give a child too much attention, they often expect them later from others and get so much disappointment that can lead to depressions in the most annoying case.

I think when a child does certain things and they see that they get there by attention that they are going to do more but if you ruin them there I don’t know

A helicopter parent is also not ideal for a child.That is why I agree that the Dutch king once said that the guardians of his children do not have to be passed on to him all the good-shops that are taking his children out and are being noticed by them. Those responsible for noticing such deeds in all children may pass this on.