Can the existence of God be proven?

Sure it can.

But that is something only that God, whatever God, can do himself, by giving a signal that is not to be missed by anyone.

What is then proved exactly is another story huh. Is it YOUR God who is proven?And if it is your God then is it also all that you believe in your God is proven? These are additional questions that need to be answered again, which will not be easy.

But so far the space that a god can occupy has become ever smaller.

As Quora user in his response also says, gods have been invented to explain natural phenomena, and with the scientific explanations for ever more of those natural phenomena there are less and fewer things where gods are responsible for Can be.

The beginning of life and the beginning of the universe are now pretty much the only things that a god could be involved in.And even in those two areas, space is getting smaller.

Still failing that a God is not really a good answer, but leads to a new question: Where does that God actually come from?Something so clever that IE can invent and make a whole universe can not just be created, right? And if a God can just emerge…. Why could the universe not just be created without divine influence?

A spectacular rise, a deterrent appearance and some evidence in the form of ‘ sorcery ‘ is desirable.Otherwise, he (rather: she) is directly diverted to psychiatry, or an expulsion center.

This question is already incorrect in its design.Now I could customize it, but now he’s easier to answer:

Yea, the existence of a God (thus also the Abrahamic deity ‘ God ‘) could be proved.But with that also the contrary.

At present, the contrary has been proven, since all the ‘ arguments ‘ to the present of the existence of any God (make it a little more general) have been referred to the myth by facts and research.

Gods have been conceived by our elderly, as children make invisible boyfriends at the time they come at an age that they can conceptualize things, but do not yet understand the causality (cause-effect) (or these to Comlex for She is).

Why did people think the Earth was flat?Because they saw a ‘ flat earth ‘. Of course, at the end of the horizon the world disappeared, therefore ‘ world ‘ is also equal to the ‘ plane where one lives ‘. When the Greeks, far before the year 0 (conceived by the Catholic Church in ca. 400) came to the realization that the earth was a sphere, the word ‘ world ‘ remained a ‘ flat where one lives ‘ mean. For example, America is also called ‘ The New World ‘ and not ‘ the new planet ‘.

When one did not know better than running very hard for lightning and thunder, there was of course a reason needed that that lightning and thunder was there.Someone had to do that, because that could not just happen. A stone also did not just roll, there someone had to push against it. So the agenticity (projection of personality on lifeless objects) caused ‘ animism ‘ which meant that everything around man had a reason and all the perceived movement originated from actions of a ‘ something ‘ or ‘ someone ‘. So that someone had the same abilities as man in his head: an intent. Lightning came from the air gods. Later of Thor/Wodan/Mars etc. Thunder of the Earth gods (because everything seemed to shake though). Now we know what earthquakes are, what is thunderstorms and that the sun is not lying in a bed under the edge of the Earth, but that the Earth (thanks to Copernicus, a heavily faithful man) follows a orbit around the sun and turns around his own axis , so the ‘ sun comes up ‘ (or actually ‘ understanding ‘).

Gods have been changing for years.First there were thousands. In Every culture there are hundreds per period. Later it became less and more. Everything fell to ever more elusive ‘ underlying reasons ‘. This is also why the current leftover gods are uneffigy and incomprehensible in their reasoning. Because we have been indoctrinated for so long with gods that even those who know better like there is a reason for everything.

And the latter is why so many people continue to doubt whether or not there is a god. Because they want to believe in romance.On the other hand, things have happened that are the result of such complex causes that they seem to have a very ‘ meant ‘ pattern. And then the desire is the father of the thought. Everything is done according to a process. That process has many factors and from the beginning of the universe until now, many things have already happened frequently. The genesis of life? Probably already thousands to millions of times before (possibly even at this time already extinct). Will other civilizations ever find the remains of ours? Maybe. After all, We are already throwing things out of the solar system, which will be a nice time. But it is also possible that these probes are already dead when the sun goes out and our planet is going, after which every one who happens to be in the neighbourhood finds nothing but dust and ashes.

And all those gods, even those where the OP on hint?These have long been forgotten and the books that are ‘ the proof ‘ have come to pass. The being that is then coincidentally in our environment, may have devised his own gods and have already forgotten again. Perhaps it is so wealthy in processing the reality that if we were still there, we would respect him/her for a god.

Anyway, gods do not exist, because if it did, our universe had already been on fire to the fighting between all those ‘ wealthy beings ‘.After all, if 1 God can exist, then they can all exist. If you want to prove 1, you will have to see the rest to ‘ deny ‘ that becomes a hellish chore. Take the NULL hypothesis. Something does not exist, until you have proven it.

Without any problem…

It depends on how you define “God”.For man has created a God to appoint that which man has created.

The problem is mainly with the “Big Bang Theory” which seems to determine that the genesis of the universe and humanity is just a random thing. And if we are the result of randomness, life does not make sense, because everything is arbitrary.We people want to see a goal everywhere and so the universe must be created by a decision of a higher intelligence.

But yes, to the terms I use now you already notice that you are in a deeply philosophical area.And there is no evidence.

Incidentally, there is no evidence for evolution, because that is why it is a theory.It is the most plausible theory, if you also consider religions to be a theory. The theory of evolution is supported by enormous amounts of facts and has recently also been demonstrated in various experiments. So they are going to start to cross a group of purebred mice with each other and then examine all the pups on their length. The smaller boy went to group 1 and the big to group 2. And within those groups were more offspring where in Group 1 only the smallest mice were allowed to reproduce while in Group 2 only the largest mice could. And after ten generations, the smallest mice from Group 1 were many times smaller than the largest mice in Group 2 while having the same genetic ancestors. And that size had now become part of their DNA. The small mice continued to make small mice and the big so only large offspring.

But one finds it still not enough as proof…

Well, and then religion… You can argue that religion is also just a theory. And then you can try to support or deforce these with facts.But research is needed for this. However, it is possible to search in sacred writings for things that are factually inaccurate. There are many things that have proved scientifically wrong in the Bible.This makes Christianity a partly erroneous theory. Many of them are also inherited in Islam and originate from Jewish beliefs.

But the Jewish faith is somewhat more flexible in implementing changes if passages in sacred Scriptures prove to be wrong!We now know that the universe is at least 15 billion years old while the Jewish faith speaks of 6,000 years. But Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman gave a statement here that fits within the Jewish faith that the first days are not in our timeline but in that of God. And for God lasts 1 day just as long as 1,000 years for us. He made a calculation and thus came out of the universe at an almost correct age. And that in the 13th century! An explanation for the theory of evolution is now also trying to find Conservative Jews to be able to show that they have it at the right end.

But if religion is a theory then you can never prove that God exists.The only thing you can do is provide facts that demonstrate its existence and negate facts that deny existence by adapting your own theory to it.

However, the problem is not so much God but the many religions used to gain control over the fellow people.Faith is often imposed on people who often tell them that they should not complain about things that are factually inaccurate. If religion was considered more like a theory then people could become much more tolerant. But now everyone insists that their own theory is the only true and that poses problems. And by that struggle it is even more difficult to show whether there is really a God or that we are just the product of arbitrariness…

Can you prove the existence of Doctor Octopus, Lord Voldemort, Darth Vader or Lex Luthor?Obviously not.
Why then could you prove the existence of that godmonster?

That should not be too difficult.If God indeed answers prayers as he has promised, such as curing illnesses, making his followers rich, winning in the struggle and destroying the enemies of his followers and all those other things that you can use a God for, then he will have to In the real world and to investigate and possibly demonstrate its actions and their effects directly with scientific methods.

Result so far: nil.

No, because there is no God….

Not in the scientific sense.This requires an observation, an experiment, a review of it, and this process must be consistent with our model of reality. More importantly, the model of God is not even known. An abstract God such as Spinoza presupposed, a form of supreme consciousness like in Buddhism, a supreme being like in Christianity or Islam? As God more abstract is presented the more plausible it becomes its existence, but the more difficult the evidence for lack of observations. I think we need to know first what the universe really exists, then analyse the nature of consciousness and then be able to conclude whether God exists or not. I do not exclude that if humanity is a few thousand years further we can know this. The biggest question remains whether we are going to get it. The vast majority of humanity instinctively has the feeling that we are not coincidentally here and that everything has a purpose. Hardline scientists will continue to deny that Stenisch, because this is an unscientific thought by the too subjective nature. It is not ruled out that God exists, but the way to proof will be extremely long or prove that God does not exist.

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