Can someone explain to me what’s so nice about running? I find it so boring!

Sometimes it’s boring yes. But I always think of the prospect that I am finished running and how fine I feel.Physically and mentally, running me so much good, that I take it for granted that it can be boring.

I also run different routes every time.Or sometimes with friends. In the meantime you’ll be soaking (to what extent possible).

My whole body is committed to moving on myself, I find so beautiful.Ten times better than in the gym on a treadmill stand. Also nice that you can run in nature, fresh wind and the birds that whistle. I can really enjoy it. I also find it a widening of the spirit, just emptying all my thoughts. To make room for new thoughts again.

I have to disappoint you because I share your opinion.I have a thorough dislike of walking. However I had to do it vocationally. I never had any problems to succeed every year in my physical trials without training. But I really didn’t look forward to it.
And the reason was, it did not give endorphin rush.Apparently I have no satisfaction with that, and it can also explain why I have no affinity with alcohol .I am very much in my walk.
Too slow to be able to enjoy landscape differences and too fast to enjoy at macro level.
So that I or prefer to observe bike (a lot of diversity in landscape and Panorama s in Belgium) or walking (plants and critters along the side of the road).
But I NEVER experienced a blissful feeling at a sports activity.

Running can also be extremely boring.And that’s often also. I have been running for 17 years and regularly I find nothing. But I think it’s a misconception that running should be fun.

Although running is often boring, this is compensated by the many health effects, both physically and mentally.

Moreover, the feeling after running is never boring.That’s delicious.

Should running be fun?-Run Mama, run!


Oh I’ve heard this so many times from people and of course it’s a fair point.It is repetitive, heavy for your body, lasts long and so boring!

I find it really beautiful and nice to do, if my body want to work with it.Running gives for me some attractive factors.

  • I can only do it.
  • It can be anywhere
  • I can listen to my music without anyone being annoyed with it.

But what it is especially for me is that it has a meditative effect.I listen to my breathing, my cadence. Everything I’m sitting consciously/unconscious is passing by. I can distract the state of my being well with running. Well in my skin and fit 鈧?娄 great distances and breathing under control. Poor sleep and stressed.. Don’t burn ahead and I don’t feel like it.

It Is nice weather, I enjoy the nature and the warmth of the sun.

I find hard winds quite annoying.. That’s not super useful in autumn, so I’m more likely to be in a gym.

I always find it odd that people are running boring, because it is very easy to make it no longer boring: increase the speed but once, I guarantee you that boring is not the emotion you feel then, it is more a kind of fear to the intended route O F distance not to be fetching.I think this is also the real reason why people don’t like harwalking, they are continuously counting down to the end.

No, I also find it boring; Just a little more boring than walking, where you can still relax and enjoy your surroundings.

In my childhood I was on athletics and I was running well in long distance.More than 30 years later, and I am now doing so for鈩?N 1.5 years. Running is not fun! Running is boring and also quite stressful for your body. It is that I was busy with a challenge (10K run over the Las Vegas Boulevard last November) and I did have to train because I was going to do this with friends. There is always an excuse to invent why you don’t have to go out to run or go to the gym.

However, there are 2 things where I still hold to keep running.While running I try to solve a (life) case or at least think about it, this can be work related or something in the private sphere. Music and forced to look at nature during the attrition battle is not fun but the bycatch is huge! I have never felt so good in my life (48), on both mental and physical level. Much more energy, sleep better and even think regularly about my eating pattern. Have fallen 5 kilos and is not the goal in itself but also an extra by-catch.

My pace is low (around 9 km per hour) and do it several times in the week and then takes me out and home 30 minutes.I can’t sell myself anymore with excuses that I’m too busy or wet again. And after running under the shower I think again, I did it, how rotten I find it too;-)

No, unfortunately I can’t.

I find running too boring.

I prefer to walk in the mountains for a few days, with my tent and backpack.

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