Can social skills go backwards? If so, what can be the causes of this?

Of course.In Most cases there is a problem with the brain. Think of drug use, alcoholism, post traumatic stress, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy, stroke, head trauma and certain medications. Unfortunately, healthy people can also see their social skills, and that is a serious social phenomenon that historically generally heralds the end of a culture or civilization. The norms and values system of civilization is gradually being lost over the duration of several generations. Who would ever have imagined that Donald Trump, an ordinary unmannered businessman, could become the American president? This trend of loss of mannerness, loss of mutual social control, respectful dealing with each other and love for your fellow man we see across the board of Western civilization happen. Not least in NL where traditions and respect for authority are not a big commonplace anyway. As has happened in previous great civilizations, this is the decline of the whole civilization because peoples no longer recognise themselves as a social unity and will be overrun by other peoples who still possess a strong system of values. You need little imagination to see how it happens all around us.

Yes, notice it to me myself, my tolerance to other 鈧?艙people 鈧?is becoming less.

The social skills are not characteristics of our DNA but are developed by our socialization and our life history.The socialization process has taught us the values and norms of our family, community and society. What is typical of our culture and what of our family makes the basis of our personal development of social skills. Because people are so different in what they choose themselves because they have learned the basics of the ability to adapt to the others. We see within the same family each child develops different personal and social skills. Everyone has their own genetic material and DNA. A scientific research has compared the behavior of family members during the hustle of time and problems. The reaction was different because each person develops a number of skills that he has learned from distress and lack of time. Between the truth that comes to us by parents, friends, teachers and the literature, books, TV, film and Stuff, it teaches us to select our brains with our senses what is important to us and if it will not bring positive effect. We learn from our parents during the childhood because we also have their DNA. The personal social skills are being formed when we start experimenting with our way of thinking and doing. In Every situation we can go back and that happens during the periods of life. In adolescent time, the guts to have own opinion and enjoy criticism to give great people is a skill that is respected as it will stay forever. Being honest with words and deeds we learn after we lied and have seen the disadvantages and touched. Tolerance in family or group gives people new opportunities to forgive and improve themselves. The social skills are the basis of our success in life. Whoever sees no time and space for the altruistic help who has always had an empty mind engaged in his psychic development. Must be fulfilled by a strong experience. From the dogma of society that reflects in our small family, a number of common interest and benefit arises for all. The enlarge of our interest and personal goals, pushing us into new dimensions of values and standards to climb. Our conscience can listen well which teaches to us the reality. We learn by mistakes. Anyone who has not made mistakes has not learned anything and is left behind in social skills. Social responsibility and personal responsibility are systematically trained by the attainable desires. Our civilization and modern society leaves little time for objective reflection on our lifestyle and our actions. The image is broadcut by weighing advantages with disadvantages in our planning or facts. Everyone should find time for reflective criticism about what we say, how we express it and what do we want to do. Our brains are little used because we react to the stimuli of the environment as robots. We talk without thinking and under the influence of insomnia or bad energy that our body produces. In the quality of our lifestyle our skills are seen as our friends who can really help in any situation. We will always learn when a problem arises for us. The pain comes to warn us to be alert and to include measures. Unfortunately there are illnesses as the GP has written that makes our brain go back. Today happen to have a video about Hunza Valley watched people who live up to 140 years without illnesses. One of their typical habit is to work every day for hours, walking, twice a year in winter ate meat, no divorce, no kriminele activities, mothers breastfeed up to 3 years and everyone is happy, helpful, friendly. Comparing with our society their social skills are in DNA as a cultural heritage that they love with fanaticism. People who know no history and culture of his homeland, community and family has few opportunities to develop and sustain social skills. Those who are proud of his surroundings will have great opportunities to be happy. Whoever is happy can do everything and accomplish everything by the courage to listen to your own mind and heart. The social skills are not a stage for carrier to make but an elevator to become human people and expert. They go behind when we suffer from psycho-somatic disorder, if we are addicted to alcohol, nutrition, resources, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy lifestyle and old age.

Yes and technology.When you look, humanity has become less social since we have smartphones and are only accustomed to being able to function on the Internet

The general assumption that social skills are deteriorating and that the cause of this is found in the ever more technologies connected world is questionable.

Keeping in touch with friends and family with Text messages and via the Internet stimulates social behaviour.

One of the most important social skills is communication, which is also now possible electronies, on the screen, wherever and whenever, on a trip in restaurants, in the car in the bedroom.

Exchanging and discovering art and culture on the internet is socially enriching.

Causes of deteriorating social skills are previously found in psychopopathic behavioral patterns, such as ADHD in conjunction with internet addiction, as well as Facebook depression, bipolarity, and other mental disorders.

The internet is a “global village” and the lack of social skills of the village idiot is not to blame the village.

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