Can it be bad for my health to eat sushi often?

There is very often sticky rice in sushi, so carbohydrates, if you eat too many carbohydrates too often you can become too fat, which is bad for your health.Not if you involve and keep an eye on your body weight.

For me personally, for this reason sushi does not fit in my daily eating pattern, sporadic sushi food should be able, provided I do not overdo it.

Yes, you can get worms from it.

‘, ‘ Too much of a foodstuff can be harmful if there is no balance. Sushi is balanced as long as you eat the different type sushi’s and the soups.Too often sushi seems to me to be better than too often fast food.

“,” I have too little knowledge in this area to give a feitive answer.

But personally, I think it should help improve your immune system properly.

On the other hand, it is indeed raw fish.In general, sushi is of course more reliable when you buy it from trusted places (personally I trust e.g. The AH ready-to-go Sushi boxes not so) but there will always be a chance that one of the sushi’s is no longer good & statistically, this opportunity only gets bigger all the more often you eat it.

However, I do assume that Sushi in restaurants are confidential, as they have a lot to lose if it is not.

But again: Certainly no pro in sushi, success!(:

The stories of the oldest people in the world teach us that they often live in Japan.

So you can get old with eating sushi.

But if you eat balanced, and if you get what you need, and not from sushi, can compensate, it can not hurt.

Sushi does not sashimi.

The difference between them is very simple. Sushi is very hard to get here in the Netherlands. This is the actual daily fresh, raw fish that is eaten in Japan. This fish can contain eggs from certain worms that are very difficult to remove and where you can be extremely sick.

However, most fish outside of Japan is sashimi and sashimi is sushi that has been frozen. Briefly said Huh.

Almost as tasty, we here taste the difference practically not.For a Japanese it is profanity, but it has a great advantage. All eggs nematodes that kind of thing are destroyed by it.

That makes sashimi a lot safer to eat. The only thing you can still get from it is the same as any other food. Food poisoning if it is poorly prepared by a lesser kitchen but that is not the fish.

I think if you eat daily, and a lot of sushi, that might be bad for your health, because there are many koolydraten in white rice.And since koolydrates are converted into glucose, which is surrounded by fat, a diet rich in carbohydrates often leads to weight gain.

Everything in moderation and sufficient variety.Not everything in 1 time.

Since Sushi is made from large saltwater fish, which are often close to the top of the food chain, it is not difficult to realise that all the rubbish such as microplastics and heavy metals eventually end up in those fish and are also Concentrated.I wouldn’t eat it too often.

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