Can anyone have a happy relationship with a narcissist?

No, it cannot.

The first stage is great.The love bombing period. If you don’t know what’s going to follow, that can be very nice. The other gives you the feeling of being completely away from you, so that your feelings grow for him and you no longer set limits to the love that you feel for him.

If you are someone who can enjoy it very much, and after that man can put so on the street without problems, then you think I have a nice experience to look back at.

But the whole set up is so you can’t easily release it, and you see a lot of fingers, and accept more than you would otherwise.So you will experience a lot of pain after that, because he is going to push his limits. Because he arose totally different than he is. To attract you, and open up your feelings for him, and close him in your heart altogether.

After the love bombing, his character also starts to become very unstable.Sometimes very common, and then suddenly very sweet, as if nothing happened. And then you also start noticing that he is at the gas lights. And you manipulate. Someone who is trying to mess with your mental health is a horrible experience. I experienced it as much worse than the dire cheating I suddenly got behind, after almost two years.

Maybe for a very short time during the “love-bombing” phase:

‘ Love bombing ‘ is a nasty way of dating and happens more often than you think

This phase can stop at any time and completely unexpectedly.The relationship afterwards is beautiful for the narcissist and practically hell for the other. The only solution for the other is to go away, to disappear for the narcissist. Forever.

‘, ‘ No, that will not succeed.Most of the answers here say it all. If you would completely adapt yourself to the narcissist, then conflicts will arise. These conflicts will never be solved constructively. The Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde effect. The changes between being nice and then provoking quarrel or insulting you. I always called the ‘ showers ‘. Consequences: Terrible quarrels, silence treatments, hurting. It will master your whole life. You will start walking on eggs and that has consequences for your health. Physically and mentally. A recommendation is the book: ‘ The Gaslight effect ‘ by Dr. Robin Stern to learn how these manipulations go in the work. Note: Two sides are highlighted in the book. The Gaslighter and the gaslightee. My experience is that you can leave the best. They do not change. Personally, in my relationship with a narcissist, I have endeavoured for two years in therapy to learn to check my own reactions on the gaslighten of the narcissist. If only I would be less sensitive, would have better limits etc. You’re hoping for change. I finally had to conclude that it is not worth making yourself so unhappy for what you think is your great love. The narcissist sits differently and has completely different motives. Control and narcissistic nutrition are two of them. Unfortunately, many victims are late behind that this is nothing to do with love. Even though they are mirroring you. Do not underestimate how traumatic the abuse can be. Psychic effects have a long aftermath. Sometimes even years. And unfortunately for some, these effects are even lifelong. Especially for children.

“,” Maybe another narcissist?That will be an explosive relationship. This may be even shorter or an eternal power struggle. Interesting. If you are not a participant:)

I know one case where it did succeed. He has a more or less “happy” relationship, and I believe two adult children who have had a great childhood, and now have a good life.

What is the case is that this man has been diagnosed with narscistic pwrsoonness disorder years ago, and has already had psychological guidance for more than half life.For a narscist, that is a VERY big step. Admit that he has some, and accept treatment and guidance. And even that offers no guarantee whatsoever.

A realtie with a narscist will in the most favorable case be complicated, but if he does not accept help and guidance, turn around, and run away very hard.

If you agree to be happy with a narcissist it means that

1) You have given all sorts of unwritten rules to yourself that you must stay, because your feelings always tell you that the narcissist is not such a person, despite you have seen the reality

2) You quietly have more doubts about yourself, your self-confidence of visions will be lost further.But you put a stop to that mind pointing the door.

3) You will never be the best of yourself that you should be.Instead, you give the narcissist all the right to kick over you

4) The Narcissist will continue to abuse and use you

5) Returning to yourself what is left of you?Your way of thinking, your ways of talking, how you interact with others. That will all taste plate for a depressed man who calls for help (another narcissist is born)

That does not seem to me in the longer term, at first it will seem the case, but in the long run the intensely unhappy feeling will master the non-narcissist, making it almost unlivable, there is no real reciprocity, so no real relationship whatsoever?

The narcissist is actually depressed, unhappy and/or angry, distrustful and/or sarcastic, if you take away his daffism, you hold a very unhappy person, and that energy takes you over, you feel it when you are somewhat empathic, in addition to all the tricks, lies and Distortions and the further puppet show, it is a guarantee of unhappiness.

That you ask that question proves that you are a REAL optimist (e)!!Happy? With a narcissist??? Unless you’re a hardcore masochist (e), then, yes, maybe.

If you really think to try, read man worse you do not (book)-Wikipedia

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