Can (and should?) separate art from the artist? So can we appreciate the work of someone we despise?

There is a writer who I admire very much in terms of writer.He has written fabulous science fiction books, Ender’s Game, among others.

One of my most beloved books, where an understanding for people and humanity speaks out that strikes me very much, every time.

However, he is a homophobic man who gives a lot of money to anti-LHBT organizations.

As a man I despises him.I find it disgusting that he does that, and I find it incomprehensible that he is a homophobic who at the same time understands people so incredibly well.

It is uncomfortable, to read his books now.I do it, because they are beautiful books, but I am aware that it is a very weird situation while reading. I also have audiobooks where he has voiced the foreword of himself and he sounds so incredibly nice. So how does it matter to give money to hate clubs? I don’t understand.

However, it is not bad to be uncomfortable.That is something we actually want to solve because it.. Well, uncomfortable, so, haha. But that’s not something that can always be. And then we can best tolerate that inconvenience. We don’t have to choose one OR the other. We don’t have to say “that writer can’t do anything wrong because he writes beautiful books,” or “those books are rotten because the writer is rotten.”

We can live with the inconvenience of a contradiction.This is something we are not accustomed to, but what we can learn.

Yes, we must separate the art of the artist.At the same time, you can also choose not to financially support that artist. I have since I invented this about that writer, no more bought things from him.

Suppose you really like a piece of art, but don’t know who the maker is. Later It turns out that the artist is someone of whom you have a profound dislike.

What now?

Or you have to admit that ‘ the Etter ‘ can make beautiful things, or you have to revise your opinion on the work of art (“on reflection: Yet Ugly”).Both of them are at odds with what you actually want to find or found.

The ancient Greeks found a man a good man if for example he was a very good carpenter.That he also abused his wife and children did not matter to them. I think that vision is no longer sustainable. A well-known director was a celebrated man until he was floored by the #MeToo movement. Is it a bad director now?

My idea: a bad man (whatever that is) can still do something good.

There are many works of art by artists that we know little to nothing about; Let alone that we knew something about their personality.

This is often different for contemporaries.I see no reason whatsoever to despise the art of an artist who you despised by you. It can also be a challenge, which you despise to the person, to find in the work of art. That is what makes a nice essay about writing.

I think it would be the other way ahead.When certain artists would cast their works annonymous, or certain works would be annonized, they would no longer yield a penny.

Frankly, I don’t think of the artist in the first place when I look at a work of art.For example, I’m a big fan of Turner’s work. But I don’t really know how that man was in his private life. Maybe he hit his wife and kids though. (Did he have a wife and children?) And who knows he was a hopeless alcoholic. With someone like Hitler, that’s different. He was best known for his career as a dictator and a dangerous fool. Afterwards it appears that he was also “artist”. I put “artist” in quotation marks, because I like the work of Hitler’s crap!! And it is only important because of Hitler’s career as a dictator. If Hitler had kept calm and had just gone through making those crap paintings, then no one had ever been to looked back. I would therefore like to say that it is quite difficult to separate the work of artists and the artists themselves. As far as I am concerned, this still remains possible and I will not open a biography about Turner for now.

Good question!

Whether we can or is not, I think personally.I compare it with someone who finds you very attractive, but who has a rock character. Some may still say ‘ yes I keep finding that person attractive ‘. Personally I find someone with a handsome appearance but a rock character, suddenly no longer so attractive.

But I think we should.Because work (art is a result ultimately of one’s work) should be able to stand out from someone’s personality. You also do not refuse eg to be helped at the checkout because you despises that person.

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