Autisten: What is your opinion on the phrase ‘ everyone has a little autism ‘?

I find it super annoying crap.The severity of autism is thereby trivialized.

Bit double.I myself have a diagnosis for Asperger.

On the one hand, I would like to interpret such a remark as the search for recognition and the removal of a piece of stigma.In that sense, it has something touching. I always have the idea that people who say this do not fully understand the essence of the matter.

Because on the other hand I have periods in which I suffer from overstimulation that I can no longer be able to do the things I find worthwhile.These are serious barriers in my life and sometimes tend to take away all the quality of life. I know that thát not recognizable for most people. Then the ruling “that everyone has a little” is wrong.

I understand both views.I always try to make the most positive interpretation of what people mean for myself, so I tend to focus on the good intentions by default. Only sometimes that does not succeed.

I’m actually curious about your own answer to this question.Hopefully you write that one more time:)

‘, “I myself am after my fiftieth diagnosed with Asperger I understand Helen’s answer well.That aspect is of course present. On the other hand, if you go to the criteria in DSM-IV (I have the old one yet) then it is certainly true that a lot of people seem to exhibit at least a few of them. That is even more what in certain places (where technical universities are) and industries/professions (also technical professions) because the good side of having a malfunction from the autistic spectrum is that you have some talents a bit stronger than The rest of the population. This certainly applies to beta-oriented training and professions.

“,” How wrong it is. Hetimpates that everyone would suffer from the same symptoms.And because I experience problems in this, I actually nag. So you are undermining everything that I struggle with.

It undermines the years of solitude and confusion, because I did not understand the people and the rest of the world.(Still not in fact)

As a child: why did I constantly have such a pain in my eyes that I was always squeezing my eyes close?Others don’t have that, so what I feel right is not being said. How can others understand each other when they all talk at the same time? It is Éé’n waterfall to sound! Almost all kinds of food tastes awful and/or weird. I’m again the weird so I shouldn’t complain. Otherwise, I am again a subject of disrepute and teasing. If everyone were a bit autistic, they would also be constantly dealing with sensory stimuli that they cannot ignore because they feel so intense that it often hurts. Probably also much less bright lights and lold sounds in public buildings like schools and supermarkets.

What are the social rules that everyone seems to know except I do?I know I have to say first and conclude a conversation with Doei. Between them?? Do I start a conversation with someone by staring at the same object as the one? I don’t understand that fascination with merkleding or eye contact. Scientific facts are much more fascinating. Clothing should feel right, cheap or not. I can much better pay attention to what someone says if I don’t see that judging, emotional look in mind. This has meant that I, like many other autists, experience constant anxiety when several people are present. If everyone were a bit autistic, there would not be so many social rules or at least written down so that all those nuances in conversations could not cause abuses. Can anyone just say what they mean. If everyone would be a bit autistic, percentage of unemployment/suicide killing/mental health problems among autists would not be so high.

It’s going to be somewhat better since I’ve followed a few communication workshops for autists but it remains tricky.In part also because I can’t control my facial expressions well. The sadness that people do not bother to understand me and even see behavior in me that is absolutely not right. That I am constantly wrong because everything I do, say and feel is not right for others and my opinions on this are wrong. And ignored. Sometimes even if a child is to be aagevoiced. The work I have been doing for years, at every conversation, at every sensory stimulus, at each and must continue to do to adapt myself.

In fact, some psychologists use the same phrase to keep autists away from their diagnosis.But also because doctors have little understanding of what autism really is. They often have a certain picture in their heads and if you do not fit in it, then it is difficult to get that diagnosis. (For instance, the diagnosis was first remembered because I was studying at a university.) After a diagnosis, doctors are in turn difficult because autists can experience pain and illnesses differently, but are often not believed to be tested. And so the proper care can be received late.

So definitely a disgusting phrase in my opinion.A better way to show that you are along, would in fact be listening. And do some things with it. If you know that flickering lights are painful and disturbing for an autist, replace the bulbs. Fear in a space where a large group of people are present? Give them a chance to get in a quiet space but an even better measure is if the group is as small as possible. With a bit of accommodation we come a lot further. If everyone were a bit autistic, the focus would be instead on a so-called cure.

I think some problems that some people with autism have to deal with for some people who do not have autism in a mild form can be recognizable.

I have been working for years with young adults with a form of autism and a normal intelligence.Because I have ADD I may recognize some problems in mild form with myself even earlier than that ‘ ordinary ‘ people do with themselves. Incentive (un) sensitivity, difficulty with priorities, overview & planning. Trouble with unexpected changes to plans.

I have a long time not as strong as some people I work for, but I sometimes try to live by thinking about how much effort I can have with certain situations and then trying to imagine that it is still many times stronger with that other.

Such a comparison can also work for neurotypicals.I know that for the first time, many people find driving in an unknown foreign city very difficult. You don’t recognize anything, all impressions are new and are barely as ‘ old news ‘ Weggefiltert. The precise traffic rules are not completely clear and you are standing at a bizarre roundabout while your navigation system is letting it down. That crippling feeling. That feeling might come a bit near to overstimulation. Of choice stress. Of no more knowing what to do. And then you are going to imagine that this kind of thing can be experienced in for you everyday situations. Public transport. The grocery store. A cancelled appointment or someone who appears too early or too late.

In this context, understanding breeding, I can use the pronunciation ‘ everyone has a little autism ‘.But absolutely not when it is meant that someone is hiring.

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