As far as travel is concerned, where have you been, that is overrated?

Hong Kong.

You hear about overcrowding, but I have really experienced overcrowding.

Everywhere you come it suffels the crowds.At every restaurant/cafe you have a queue. And not like in Japan and Korea where they are overseen, but really massive.

Incidentally, I was with a friend who comes from Hong Kong and her parents have a house there, where we were allowed to stay.Mind you, that her parents are affluent people. We also stayed in a richer neighborhood. How did the parents live? In a towering flat of not more than 20 square meters. I don’t know if you’ve seen images of Hong Kong, but people live cabin Mutje. Her parents also, even though we were in the affluent neighborhood and had a more expensive home. It was in a kind of complex, with a large fence.

I looked out the window and looked right at the apartment building next to it.At maybe 2 meters away from each other. The laundry just couldn’t touch what hung out there.

All in all, I didn’t really love it.Sure the food was okay. Hotpot was yummy. But not really either. I also found the stinky tofu against falling. That looked something like this:

According to my girlfriend, that was something typical Hong Kong-isch qua street food.

That was what I did.

Furthermore, you have thousands of malls out there (in my opinion) all look the same.So you have about 10 floors where you have to go through the escalator and have to wander through all sorts of inexpensive clothing shops. Shouldn’t be natural, but I as a shop enthusiast wanted to try that.

Furthermore, what I have seen the gap between poor and rich massively.

Some places very unhygienic.

People were (not all) friendly.Most. Came of course also because I had a ‘ local ‘ with me. A.K.A. my girlfriend who happily speaks Cantonese.

During my stay there were also two other friends from the Netherlands to Hong Kong.They did not speak Cantonese and looked like typical tourists. The funny thing was that they were constantly dropped off in a restaurant or taxi. So we took (me with my local friend) and they both at the same time a taxi to the same destination, but they had to pay more. A tourist price say.

All in all happy to have seen Hong Kong ever in my life, but I don’t have to go back to this again.

I apologize if I have offended someone with this.I probably haven’t seen the beautiful places and I’ve also been too short (1.5 weeks). I like to hear the positive experiences of course!!


The tourist spots that Paris is known for, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur etc., are beautiful.However, if you leave only a small part of the tourist attractions, you will find that all of Paris is actually just one major disadvantaged district. Ugly shops and eating places, garbage on the street, arrears, buildings and streets and so on. It was very disappointing because Paris is just like a beautiful, chic city where the history of splashes. It totally did not meet the high expectations.

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