As a byer, do you intervene in emergency situations on the street? Why?

Yeah, sure though.

I think we are obliged to interfere with each other.

If I see someone crying then I ask if there is anything I can do.

A few years ago I saw three boys pushing a fourth boy, sometime afterwards.There I have called some of them, say what is going on there, and the boy who was pushed could run away happily. I myself was very bullied when I was a child, and I found it terrible that nobody was doing anything about it. So when I see this happening I certainly do a little.

Intervened in a brawl is a harder thing.Police call and video making, which is actually the best thing to do, from a safe distance.

But in other cases?Yeah, definitely help. People just leave it in trouble, that’s not pretty.

Yeah sure, I’ve done that before.I will tell my story in this reply.

A few years ago I travelled from The Hague to Utrecht Centraal.I had to teach somewhere in Utrecht. I stepped out and searched the exit to take the bus.

Because I wasn’t paying attention, at some point I accidentally ended up in the middle of a quarrel between a young man and his girlfriend.The young man was a year or 25 and his girlfriend was early 20. He was a Dutchman, while the girlfriend looked Indian. Around it, people were in a circle and watched, but they did nothing.

This young man was very angry and his girlfriend was too sniffer.It seemed like he was going to beat his girlfriend. Because I happened to have ended up there, I had to do some things and say something. I then said to their: “Is everything right here?” He then became calmer and told his story, while the girlfriend said to me that she was afraid he was going to beat her. Only then did people begin to interfere with those two. When I saw that, I went away and traveled to my appointment.

That was my story.I hope this has answered your question. Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user)!

Yes I know myself by now.I am one who intervened and I am not a preuve social.

When a teenager on a raised scooter drove up against a small piece of water, and hunted over (luckily it was helmet on), I helped him up and walked with him to the nearest building (a petrol station) and asked for the dressing box there.He was a bit desued, had scratches and a hole in his left upper arm in the size of an inch (probably the handlebars came to an end).

When a student on the bike was put together in the night by two unknown men, for my window, I seized. The driver of the car who happily stopped in time without overdriving the cyclist on the ground, I asked to let the student step in with him.One of the two unknown men is the same night still running for my apartment and Turing to my window.

I realise that I am not the only one and that people are also paid for work, like bouncers.Two friends of mine were escorts at an introductory week. I gave them the opportunity to send the ladies out when three men were threatened. Probably they did not know what to do with me and therefore dared not to undertake anything. Eventually they popped all three off when the bouncer showed up, there they had not taken into account with their hated head.

I can still mention more examples, but then it becomes a long story.

I can remember a few cases.

Two people had quarrel at a remote corner of the parking lot.I stood at a distance and cried out to the man who bothered the other. Afraid he would come upon me, but he went off when he saw me. He waged himself unspied.

In the train, right behind me, someone suddenly stood up and fell down immediately.I am then going to the next train part. 鈧?艙Is there a doctor or a nurse? There is someone getting sick called. Then also immediately the other side is running out, with the same question.

It helped though.People came in. I did not look further, I sat down further. Think about it again.

The most impressive when I cycled through the park for summers.Someone called for help, a woman. For me, someone also cycled, who went cycling faster, to quickly get past the dangerous spot. It was at the parking lot. Two people stood there and had bite each other. I put my bike against a tree and walked on them. I didn’t know what to do at all. When I was close I took my arms up and out, and put my one hand on the outer shoulder of the one and my other hand on the outer shoulder of the other. It was immediately over. They let each other loose. 鈧?艗my Car key, “said that man and he went to his car. I walked back with the woman to the city. He also drove over and I forgot to look at his license plate well.

This has been all over ten years ago.I still prefer to stay away from the fighting. Luckily, I don’t see that much. Usually others are me before and then I’m not going to stand watching. Sometimes if I think ‘ Is this right? ‘ But my basic attitude is actually 鈧?虄they search it out ‘.

Yes, I always try to help.I have an example, it was not on the street but in the subway. A man snapped a woman, first I doubted if they were frolicking-I couldn’t see it quite well-were and didn’t know what to do. Then he started to stumps her hard in her belly, time and again I. I stood a little away from it, there were many. people in between. The woman could not leave because she stood at the end of that part of the subway, so literally with her back against the wall.

I started shouting: Hee, I’ll call the. Police!!And to the people in general: Pull the emergency brake!! And then I heard myself screaming; Stop him, stop him, stop him!! Then a few people, including a tall man, went down there and pulled off the aggressive man of the woman. Then we were almost at a station, the man had that through and was already at the doors. I walked that side and was close to him, didn’t know what. I had to do, then the doors opened and he slipped away.

I tried to call the police but my phone did not do it (h脙 漏 脙 漏 L Strange because normally one must always be able to call 112).

Then I thought: 鈧?Maybe that lady doesn’t want me to call the police and the guy who beat her is no longer found when they come to the station.So I. walked up to the crying woman, there was already a dear other lady who comforted her, and she asked: 鈧?Do you know him? 鈧? She nodded from Yes. I asked her if she wanted me to called the police but she didn’t want to.

I gave her my name and phone number and the woman who was standing next to her too.In case they wanted to make a declaration and needed witnesses.

But your question was, 鈧?艗why? 鈧?

I denk 鈧? 鈧?Why not? 鈧?Love would you find it when you are attacked, and no one does anything, people only stand to look or look away, or to their phone? That seems to me to be at least as traumatizing as being attacked.

I find; You can at least scream, threaten to call the police, ask other people for help, and possibly film.But NOT just. Filming and do nothing!! I find that really AWFUL!!! And then certainly also put on the internet!

I intervene in an emergency situation 鈧?”medical, violence or a situation where it is not clear what is going on. An example of the latter: someone sitting on a bench and the facial expression is different from relaxing.That does not mean that there are tears or a grimace caused by pain. To gauge how it goes, I greet, make eye contact and if the reaction differs slightly from normal behavior, I ask if everything goes well. Nine out of ten times it goes well and I get a friendly thank you with reason why they are sitting there. It’s a little trouble to ask at least if it’s going well or someone needs help. I don’t have to think about just walking through and then hearing later (in the District newspaper OID) that that person was found dead later that day.

Of course it doesn’t always have to be so extreme right away.When I see someone crying, I also ask and offer a handkerchief. In this way I have heard quite a few personal stories (of which in some cases I almost had to cry myself). That the other than his/her story can be lost and not only feels, is worth some.

Assistance with medical distress is ingrained to me because I am so educated by my mother, through my work (stewardess) and personal interest in medical matters.

I am dumbly struck when I hear/read/See that people do nothing at all or run away if someone needs help.That you do not know what to do in a medical experience… soit, I still do, but call an ambulance or the police, then sit down, talk to that person, do not let him/her feel that he/she is alone in the world and at that time A buddy.

I myself have recently fallen the street-a man cycled past as if it were normal for someone to be on the street.A few minutes later I got help from 5 people 鈧?”that gives the burger courage;) And I also continue to do so.

Violence is another category.Fortunately, We do not live in the Gaza Strip, so as far as my experience in that area (violence) is concerned, it is fortunately nil and restricts itself to verbal violence and some thrust and pull to appease.

I can do heroically, but I put my own safety first and foremost 鈧?”if there is stabbed or shot, then of course I hide.Shot? Yes. I’ve been happy only 2x in the 45 years I live, and in both cases it’s been over 25 years ago, but I was very close. In both cases it was at the door of a nightclub in The Hague.

Why intervene/provide help?I don’t want someone to feel mother soul alone if they need help on the street, I don’t want to walk through and feel shame later because I had something to do.

I hope so.Depends, of course, on the height of the emergency. Has not happened to me yet.

If I think that I am not in danger, I would intervene.In other cases I call 112, which is always safer.

Yes, if I can add what I do.That is to say, if someone falls and they are already well helped it makes little sense if I’m still interfering with it. If that is not the case or there is still an unsafe situation I will do some.

So I have experienced that on my route to and back from work.Most recently an engine that came to drive, when I saw his headlight go down first and then up, that wasn’t quite the intention. The gentleman had gone down. I walked him up and waited for a while until he was able to return to normal. Briefly spoken and during the conversation a total of 3 times asked if everything was completely fine, nowhere hurt or weird feeling or whatever. Asked if he could call someone and if I could still do something. Luckily there was nothing going on and 10 minutes later I could go on, with the feeling that this did quite well. A car that had ended up in the ditch. The driver had already enabled help and was waiting. Little for me to add. A couple of years there for an elderly couple helped with changing the tire of the car. All not that intense.

It is certainly good to intervene in an emergency situation, but ensure a safe situation.Don’t go unnecessarily when there are other people already shooting help, the viewer file case. Do not put yourself in jeopardy, soon 2 people will have to be saved.

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