Are you really wiser the older you become? Do you feel your hand over 10 years ago?

It is much more complex than mere ageing.Ageing can certainly lead to more wisdom, but also often leads to crampacity and inflexibility.

“I’ve always done so!” or “What can a young snot nose tell me about this?” There are very many narrow-minded old people who can only see their very limited perspective and vision.For many, old (er) are just an excuse to no longer have to think or evolve further. Age therefore certainly does not necessarily lead to wisdom.

It is true that, if you have a certain attitude of life, the extra experience you make by getting older can lead to more wisdom.A person who is 50 years old has simply had more opportunities to learn things than someone who is 25 years old, but that does not mean that he or she has also made optimal use of those opportunities. You can also use that extra 25 years to confirm your own prejudices and to constrict your perspective.

If you have a good attitude to life, then that extra experience is certainly useful, although sometimes it can also be harmful.If you have “turned around the mole for a number of times”, then you can draw certain conclusions from it, but you should also be aware that a lifetime in the context of history is very short. 25 years vs. 50 years actually makes hardly any difference to a few millennia of human history. I think there is a danger -even in ‘ wise people ‘ -that people estimate the relevance of their experiences too high.

All in all, I think there is a positive correlation between aging and becoming wiser (to what extent you could quantify such a thing of course), but I think she is much weaker than many people would think.

I think it is, but you need to be ‘ wiser ‘.You will then learn in a certain direction, namely always wiser. You can also become more banger, more suspicious or more selfish.

If you see it as your goal to catch others on their mistakes, then you won’t be much wiser.

Funny that ‘ pointing ‘ means indicating the direction.I don’t know if the words are related.

I’m 76. I feel absolutely not wiser than 10 years ago.I think if your child is, your wisdom also develops. Your experience is increasing; You know more. This may allow you to take better (?) decisions.


Not only wiser, but also just a more mature, emotionally stronger and more experienced person.Every day you do countless experiences that make you unconscious to the person you are the next day. The older you are, the more of those experiences you have, so you can indeed become a wiser.

Ten years ago I was still in elementary school, so you can say that I have become a wiser!So I can now spell out flawless verb games (if I focus here), so that’s already an improvement…

Thanks for the A2a Hannah!

Some people do, others don’t so much.

As for myself, No.

You don’t become wise.You get more experience. It is very easy to cling to it at a later age. So from: “I’ve always done so so it goes best.” So if you don’t get that under control at a later age, you won’t be wise but stubborn with a bake experience that’s misused. If you manage this well, then you are again a new addition to society. You are not only experienced, but you will build more experience through interactions with less experienced people on your way of life.

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