Are you proud of your nationality? If not, for what other nationality would you like to enter your Passport?

I am a Dutchman and I am quite happy with that.But, you know: that’s coincidence. I have done nothing for it. It’s not my merit. I had no control over where my crib stood. So I guess if I was Chinese, or Argentinean, or Ghanaian, or… That I was quite happy with that. Because there is my family, my home, my culture, what has helped me.

I would be proud of an operation, on something that really is due to your effort. And that is not a nationality.

Quite frankly, I don’t see the relationship between being proud of your nationality and your passport.

You cannot be proud of your nationality, or as I am: There are enormously neutral about it, it excites me for no meter that I am Dutch, and yet have or prefer a Dutch passport.I think the only advantage of having a Dutch nationality is that your passport is also Dutch because that is a very well accepted passport to travel worldwide.

But that doesn’t make me more proud of my nationality.It is purely a convenience thing. If there is a better accepted passport in the world which is within my reach then that is definitely an option for me as a world traveler and Nomade.

I think you are an exception nowadays if you are not proud of your nationality.But I do see it as a deviation, because as a phenomenon, nationalism only exists two hundred years.
Nationalism is nothing but an urgent appeal to loyalty.There is a lot of blackmail built in. The reasoning is: if you want to hear from US, then you must show your loyalty to US, in the form that you are proud of the culture that binds us, whatever that culture may be. That is to say so much that you have to add to what kind of mischief WE take (do not be afraid, we make you a partner!). In exchange for your loyalty (and silence about that mischief) you will have it right, ie good enough, because WE, the elite, will always have much better than you. An additional advantage: we know that you like to look up against mighty people and we are the best examples for this. But if instead of looking at us for the best artists, singers, or sports people, we’ll arrange that for you.
The modern form of nationalism therefore only exists for a year or two hundred; Just as long as the modern nation state.That nation’s state became a necessity by forcing princes to find more and more soldiers for their armies for the many wars that plunder Europe and the ever-expanding colonialism. In exchange for supplying this ‘ cannon meat ‘, the population was pawed with ‘ the public interest ‘, the notion that the State guarantees safety and for example provides education and a certain minimum level of health care. So teachings became a right, concomitantly with the emergence of the nation state. Infrastructure to facilitate economic development is also at the same time.
For modern times, nationalism was only for people who could earn something: an elite within the community, or the ‘ Regents ‘ who held both the administrative and the economic power.By the way, the communities were first and foremost religious communities (the Belgians divorced because of their Catholic faith; they themselves consisted of two completely different language communities). Faith was much more important than culture/nationality. This shows that nationalism is a modern invention and certainly not something ‘ normal ‘.
The Merchants/Regents initially defended their own interests by starting wars and concluding treaties with other regents in order to safeguard and expand their commercial interests.The ‘ ordinary ‘ population was largely outside. They could only supply the basic material in the form of food and manpower. The regents pulled on the strings. Sometimes they did well, but they often ruined it or benefited others, for example by a technological lead. For instance, the Dutch community could flourish in the golden age thanks to the growing international trade, but fell into recession and poverty in the centuries thereafter. At the end of the 18th century, the Netherlands was transformed into a retarded area torn by civil war. The French took over the tent without much bloodshed.
In The present time, however, the system is not much different: nationalism has taken the place of religion while the regents have been replaced by multinationals such as Shell, Unilever, Ahold, DSM, and Akzo.The authorities are doing their best to defend the interests of a certain elite, the top men of these companies, while the community is spawning with the defence of the ‘ public interest ‘ (including the rule of law), reasonable education, a minimal- Welfare state and the-minimum conditions for a reasonably good life. Meanwhile, it is the modern elite, the top men-who really are pulling the strings. If certain legislation from The Hague does not like them, they threaten to close their factories and put the workers on the streets. These employees are meanwhile asked to be ‘ loyal ‘ and for this the ‘ bridge ‘ of nationalism is very useful. Because you are proud of the Netherlands, you are also automatically proud of the Dutch trading spirit and thus on Shell, Akzo, and DSM, even though you know that they are nothing but a mafiosi elite.
It all sounds very much like a conspiracy theory, but that’s not it.It does not consciously happen. There is no topman who thinks, “Come, I will turn that lazy once a paw while I nip in the Jacouzi of my champagne.” He is as much a part of a growing system as his employees are. And it is even the question whether a modern society can keep so many people on the leg without being so decorated.
Man is essentially attached to this system.As said: At the base lies idolatry. Religion and nationalism are interchangeable hands on one belly. Attached to it is a certain tribalism. Nation states are essentially nothing but an institutionalised tribe. We are now inclined to dream about ideal alternatives: an empathic community of mutually respecting and equal world citizens, but human action is often very different in practice. Even though we try to pretend that everyone is equal, unconsciously (?) we will always see someone we consider to be ‘ ours ‘. And also there remains a strong connection to leaders, real and untrue: those who come up by intelligence and those who are born with a silver spoon in the mouth. We remind us Martin Luther King rather to what he was (a strong leader) than to what he wanted. Yes, we know about it, but who can explain it exactly?
Communism was a half-hearted attempt to put an end to the system.The imperfection with which this happened led to her demise, but at least as plausible is the argument that man is simply not made for such an egalitarian system. For that we are too tribale set. Everyone seeks competition everywhere: in the economy, in sport, in culture, in education, in the media. Without competition, capitalism is doomed. And without capitalism, prosperity is doomed and therefore human. At least, that’s the reasoning. And so it is with nationalism as well.
The stark consolation is that it is all constructions in which we believe and to which we decorate our lives.Constructions can be replaced by other constructions, in the pursuit of a better life. But that costs centuries. And that is what we think we can choose, that we can determine which way we are hitting. If something does not like us, we can go on the street. We can demonstrate and drop off the leaders. And if that doesn’t help, we can decide to leave. We think we are taking the fate in our own hand, but that is also a mirage. As soon as we have left and turn around the corner, we are waiting for the same obstacles that we thought to leave behind us. So if you think your foreign passport is worth more than your Dutch, realize that you will probably do the same stupid work abroad as in the Netherlands, the same stupid people will encounter, in the same few ideal circumstances Will live. Only the view and the weather may be different.

I’ve been living in the UAE recently and it’s almost funny to see how proud they are on their nationality.I must admit; It is a small clubbie-in Dubai is 86% expat (without emiratic passport) and they compete very hard for self-preservation. So then you get from that propaganda perusing that for a Westerner when I have big question marks. What is even funnier; My sober Dutch (“Half-blood” Surinamese) spouse is constantly seen as an emirate, and then those Indian workers are just not bending for him. Everywhere he takes precedence and everywhere he is treated with much more respect and concern. It is in any case very shameful.

Then we come back in the Netherlands and then you can really appreciate that typical Dutch sobriety much more.Sometimes I feel very much part of society and sometimes I feel very much locked out of certain discussions. I think that as a Dutch I do have the task to make my voice heard. So I often do that. Pride is perhaps a big word, but I am certainly not dissatisfied with my Dutch passport and nationality. For now I am satisfied, I would definitely not exchange my passport-with all the privileges that it entails for another.

A certain modest pride, not thorpchy, I possess and may I possess.The small Netherlands has also brought about impressive things. Indeed, that is not my merit, but that is irrelevant. In every country, people who are proud of their country, or a football team, or a famous fellow member are living. Not everyone owns the ability to admire, I happily do.

Yes.I am very proud of the Dutch nationality.

I find the Dutch history of religious tolerance quite nice.

I think democracy is also great.I am proud of the polder model. It’s not very fast, but it’s a sign of a healthy democracy that we put the heads together and make sure everyone is heard. The practice is slightly less ideal, but the idea is good.

I am proud that we as a people have decided that education and development are important for everyone, and that we are making D’r work to give everyone as good as possible a meaningful life.

Or IIg., those are the things I like to believe which make the Netherlands worthwhile to be proud Of.I hope I do not need to adjust this.

Not everything about Dutch history is equally great.Polictional actions anyone? But good… Sometimes you can better focus on the things that are not repulsively. And I find answer from R Ziel on are you proud of your nationality?If not, for what other nationality would you like to enter your Passport? Also strong, in the sense that nationalism is ‘ n ‘ a bit of washing nose, because everyone has the same right to speak.If you really need your nationality to be proud of your life, then you miss something.

Proud?No. What do I have to accomplish to be a Dutchman? Not much, I don’t at least. Parents who also have Dutch nationality. I will have to thank them for that. I did not have any influence on that.

Being proud of your nationality I find something very engs.I have only seen ugly things happen in relation to people/whole peoples who are too proud of their nationality. Now you can think of ‘ being proud does not immediately say that you are pursuing extreme ideologists ‘, but frankly something innocent can quickly run into something terrible.

I am not proud, but grateful and happy to be a Dutchman.Grateful for a democracy, which is far from the search in many countries. Fair justice system. And everything that fits within a rule of law.

Who, in my view, can be proud to be a Dutchman?I’ll tell you. I will make many people angry but it is what it is. Refugees. Refugees who have come to the Netherlands in harsh conditions. Who have often watched death in the eyes. I have been working with refugees so I have read the files well. Refugees who feared their deaths in the country of origin and who have found their freedom here. Who have done their best to learn the language or attempted to do so. Remember, many people have never had the right to follow training. With the result to be illiterate. People who really care about everything to go to school. Where my generation school finds it exhausting and looks like a burden. Refugees who have mastered or attempted to learn the language after a few years. Who will eventually have to pay about 800 euros to receive that oh so beautiful piece of paper. Dutch nationality. Those refugees, who can be proud of being a Dutchman.

Do not get your panties in a twist: I am talking about refugees with an asylum status.Which has been proven to come from countries where human rights really do not exist. These are mostly people from Syria, Eritrea, Iran, Tibet etc. So I am not talking about economic refugees.

No, I am not necessarily proud of my Dutch nationality.I would rather be a world citizen.

I find nationalism very quickly cause a blind spot.As if the country where you come from would be the best country, while in presumably every culture of each country has something beautiful and also a little less positive. That is why I am very much interfering with the American phenomenon of hanging their flag everywhere. As if the American culture is so beautiful… I think not..

No, I am a kidney fier that I happened to be born in Belgium.The nationality, listed on my ID card has no meaning or value to me.

There is therefore no other nationality that should not be mentioned.

The national boundaries are purely artificial and chosen by people, mostly due to wars.

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