Are you interested in American football?

And how.

I like the strategy and moves, the tactics, the complexity.If you don’t know the game or grow up with it, it’s certainly a book with seven seals… but I find it totally exciting.

When I was a kid, my room was covered with stuff from the Washington Redskins, and I was looking at quarterback Joe Theismann and running back John Riggins.

A moment I will never forget:

On Sundays in the fall, I was mostly in front of the TV in Redskins bathrobe and pyjamas with peanut butter sandwiches and bananas as a snack.

The high school where my brother was then had a very good — almost legendary — coach, Joel Hicks,[1 and almost everyone in the county went to their games.The players were practically the nobility of the area.

I’ve also visited the games of Virginia Tech more often (go Hokies!).

Today it’s hard for me to follow football, from a two-point of view.First, because of the time difference, it is usually far too late for me to watch the games live, and recorded games are not interesting to me. Second, since the Redskins were bought by Danny-Boy Snyder, the team has pretty much gone down the drain because of its thick-headed unsuspecting lead. [2 Snyder may be the most hated man in Washington,[3 especially since he is blackmailing the fans again for a new stadium— after he renamed the now-de-world stadium of Jack Kent Cooke Stadium (after his very successful and fedex Field for sponsorship money.

Nevertheless, I remain a fan.And hope an asteroid lands on Snyder.

In Hanover I visited games of the Hannover Musketeers, later the Spartans, a few times.But the far too loud sound of the stands with metal music and the very unsportsmanlike playing style of the team only annoyed me. For example, in a game where the opponent was hopelessly overwhelmed, the team still had the starters on the field and played with four wide receivers, even though they led 86-0. So they showed no consideration at all and just wanted to collect points. Almost every game was like that. And that’s not fun, especially since the opponents have really hurt me. What is this?

In Potsdam there are the royals, who are supposed to be quite good, but I haven’t attended any games yet.But my wife is interested… Let me see.


[1 Coach Joel Hicks gets his special night!Pulaski County Cougars Football

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[3 Fire Dan Snyder

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