Are you highly sensitive? How does that reveal to you?

Yes, I am highly sensitive.It reveals to me that I find everything more annoying than non-highly sensitive people.Because of this, I often hear: “imagine not so”.But I sincerely do not imagine.

To give a few examples:

  1. I cut all the wax labels out of my clothes. I feel that labels are sitting all day and get dark spots on my skin over time.

I understand that most people who can just leave wax labels in their clothes without sanding them over their skin. That surprises me sincerely every day.

  • I can’t work in office gardens. Every sound irritates me. From that rumble on the keyboard to a colleague’s phone call a little further.
  • At the end of the day I come exhausted at home. It does work better if I have a workplace, somewhere in their corner, with my back against the wall. Earphones in doing works too.

  • I often wear sunglasses. Even if the sun barely shines.
  • Light is often too bright for me. I also find FLUORESCENT tubes really terrible. It just does very much to me eyes.

  • I really have a lot of allergies.
  • Hay fever, house mite, skin reactions, sunallergie…

  • You don’t make me happy with a pub crawl. The music, the crowds, the Unconvenience… I just want to go home.
  • I know exactly what the social relationships are in every situation. I know exactly how everyone feels and I can also adjust the environment in such a way that more people feel at ease.
  • Is seen as a gift, but I find it really annoying.

  • Sometimes things are moving me out of nothing.
  • Should I suddenly cry from a song on the radio or what someone says on TV. Last week I saw an older man reading in the train. I almost had to cry.

  • I don’t just hot or just cold. No, I have the sniffer hot and freezing cold.
  • Nothing in between.

  • I take feelings of another. Are you happy?
  • I’m also happy! Are you sad? Me too! Do you feel excited? Me too! Last I ran into a grocery store because a young girl very excited told a story to a cashier. I was very uneasy. I didn’t pulled it. I walked away.

  • I zone out if there is too much noise.
  • I hear nothing more and get turned into myself. I’m not such a organizer at parties.

    I can complement this list for an infinitely long time, but I have to say that I am less affected by my sensitivity than a few years ago.Since I am aware of this, I literally step out of the situation or make it as pleasant as possible. That works.

    I have had this question before but in a different way, here the link to my answer: answer from Melina Julia van Riet on what is the difference between autism spectrum DISORDER (ASD) and the postulate of Elaine Aron of high sensitivity?

    I am a highly sensitive person and have autism.And no I am absolutely no Kees momma.

    My high sensitivity is in the way that if I speak to someone who is as an example what is rougher in behavior, I still talk the rest of the day in the same way as that person.Including animated or intelligent words.

    That is because I have too much empathy, I live myself in the other.If the one feels bad, I so too. That doesn’t make it easier for me in terms of social situations, especially because many teenagers of my age (especially those who have autism and/or LGBTQ +) have severe depressions. Almost all of them actually, I only know 3 of the 100 that have no depression. And I mean very seriously.

    However, this often makes it quite difficult to make new social contacts, because I am sensitive to negativity.And who has a sense of negativity apart from working reasons?

    I also can’t watch a Batman absolutely.No, don’t but because of the joker or anything in that direction. But compare the filter of Batman vs Spiderman: Homecoming.

    Spiderman Homecoming has a very warm filter, really one that Marvel often uses.A little copper in it or something in that direction to get the heat out of it. Batman? Darkest what you may have and cold. Very very cold. No heat to find, even colder than Payne’s Gray. I get to from there. I can be genuinely hard against that, because the negativity is so intense, from just the filter.

    Here also something:

    Compare the film image vs the Behind the scenes:

    A music video with filter:

    Behind The scenes:

    ( without filter.)

    That’s called cinematography.People do that in an instant so you get a sense of it, like a Batman thriller and a little more hot at Marvel because there is a comic effect.

    Another example:

    Here is a filter used to make the night light, the ‘ galaxy ‘ idea more.Because it also goes on the night a.o. and that is how they do everything.

    Same with horror movies, so I take that horror of those movies, for years.I liked crime series when I was still on certain medications (I had a lot of tension in my body, too much, so I always had abdominal cramps. I took risperidone. Antipyschose.)

    (That’s why I don’t watch horror either.Romantic comedies and Feelgoods are my to-go’s)

    I watched those series liberal a lot.Now I still have a little bit of an eye it is already very long ago. The news is therefore also difficult for me to read or to deal with. It is very annoying that digital newspapers do not omit articles. Because, I know that something terrible has happened like the situations in Sri Lanka. But for that, I don’t need 15 articles that change everything else in nightmares for me myself.

    For the rest, it has also been shown that I am more sensitive to stress situations, apart from my diagnoses.That means, that if I stress, I practically do not function. Yes, Rennies, Valerian and a dwarf dachshund with the lake livable. But there is no clue how to make exams at all. But that works again though?!

    Naja, the conclusion is this:

    I am highly sensitive.

    When I touch something, I take it with you. Here you see how that goes into effect. When I touch the book, the color, the aura, goes into me. I take it all day. Every moment, every feeling, more colors come up and at the end of the day all the beautiful colors are turned into muddy. As you see with the other fingers. At the end of the day I have to refresh all the colors of that day, all the feelings of that day. Then the next day the beautiful colors can flow back into my body. Some colors I take along until it can no longer. Because those colors, feelings, are too good not to want to hold them. But alas, I have to clean my palette at some point.

    ^ This work above, incl text is all through me.

    Greetings, MelinaJulia.

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