Are you happy to get the stuff as Marie Kondo advises?


There is now a show on Netflix.I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve seen previews and they looked nice at least.

I know from experience that cleanup gives a very good feeling.It literally feels like letting go of weight (emotional weight especially).

Your sense of freedom also increases.

The more things we possess, the greater our responsibility for keeping all possessions organized.This can be very exhausting for a single person.

Actually, a man doesn’t need much to be able to live (over) life, but we love comfort now, because it makes our life more enjoyable.

If we have a certain basic comfort then we feel better and more stable.

Sitting on the floor is not exactly pleasant.That’s why we designed chairs, beds, pillows and seats:).

Technological gadgets also help us to get our household tasks done much faster, with less effort and energy.

In the past, we had to use more muscle strength and energy to get something done, nowadays it’s all a lot quicker, so we have more time for fun things.

So if an article really adds value to my life and therefore significantly improves quality and comfort in a meaningful way, then I also like it.

Things I have too much of or do not use can actually get out of the door because they stand in the way.

Items that are not used take a lot of space and also absorb a lot of our energy (this brand you only when you get your house from all that you really don’t need).

I know from experience how it feels to live in a space that is stuffed with stuff, and I can assure you that it feels very chaotic, exhausting, burdensome and stressful.

A man becomes restless and soon feels overwhelmed, unclear and tired by walking in a sea of articles that do not actually offer any real added value to our lives.

So simple life and only those things that I love to experience is indeed something I watch hard at and try to observe as much as possible.

What is difficult for me to get away on time is waste (broken stuff).Those remain too long because I am getting rid of it ever postponing. This is mainly because I don’t have a reliable system to get rid of it.

I have to figure out a little bit how I can best tackle this.For the time being, I store broken stuff in a drum or in large storage trays (then they don’t get in the way and I don’t have to look up there).

It’s not nice to see, so sticking out pays off instead of letting them swing around in a corner.

Years ago I was inspired by people who wrote about her book (because they were just such hopeless cases as I was cleaning up).

I have had to commit myself very hard to become good.Cleaning up is an art.

Awareness of the underlying (emotional/psychological) cause of collecting and accumulating possessions is necessary to be able to dispose of them.

Many fears and beliefs play a role in this.

Once you know what fears and beliefs affect your behavior, you can easily let go and get started.

It has a healing effect on body and mind, and I highly recommend it.

I don’t have that much, but I think it can be even better.I try to limit myself as much as possible to what I need to be able to live comfortably without exaggerating.

Limiting too much is of course not good, but you are guaranteed to feel it.If you have something too little, completing tasks in the House is a difficult process.

If you have what you need, then it runs nicely.If I have too much of something, I feel irritated, exhausted and hampered by the burden, as it occupies and stands in the way of precious place.

My freedom of movement is hampered by it.

That way I soon notice whether I have to do something, or just complement it.

Who knows.

I didn’t really do so much with the whole stuff, OK Marie in her folding methods can certainly be handy but the whole “I don’t need anymore so just stick it away, I have some problems with it, where I also see some advantages.I myself am, just a collector I love to have dolls and thingies and exhibit in a locker, the same with computer games and books, the Kondo method is because no more to do because it is not funtional anymore.

Not always according to me.Some people let themselves be carried away and later regret the all they have done. Less rubbish in the House will make people feel happier, provided it is done with policy.

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