Are you happily married to someone you don’t find physically appealing? How did that come about?

I am happily married, with someone I have met on the Internet.Not through a dating website, nor through any other selection. I was not looking for a partner, but was open to a relationship.

The platform we both formed part of was Failblog (fail blog).On Failblog, photos were often posted where one or another comment was made, such as “Hold my Beer” or “Safety Third”. Then you could react to the image and usually there was a “troll” which then first tried to react with a hasty typed “FISTR!”.

The rest of the reactions were either trolls, or someone from our Club International “incrowd”.The conversations that arose were humorous, but respectful. Up to 2010 a large flow of trolls left us away. Perhaps the site was less monitored at that time, or there was a large group of school leavers who discovered the site.

We all went to Facebook, either FB2, and we became virtual friends.
You could get to know each other in a different way.We could share our own fails and it was possible to ward off people we didn’t want (trolls).

Over time, I began to know my future wife more and more.What a beautiful man, what a humor and sometimes also vice. We had a click.
She wanted to study again and had taken a math course because it would be necessary for the admission of studies.And she was worried about getting her keys.

I’m not very good at mathematics, but the basics I did and I offered help.Self video help. And so we learned to know each other even better.

Eventually she moved to the Netherlands.The IND told me that I could sponsor her easily. But in the time I visited her and helped clear her stuff and that we flew back the law was changing. This time we had to be married for family reunification, even before her residence permit expired.

We are married and are still happy.We got a little daughter and our life has become even more interesting.

I married her to whom she was.I am married to her because of her humor, her character, and much more. But I am not in her cases because of her appearance, something that is difficult in Internet relations anyway. Physical attractiveness is also relative. I’ve been driving a car that I found particularly ugly in the first instance. Over time, you’ll see the beautiful things. Or you make it more beautiful in your thought. You can attribute it to cognitive dissonance, once you have made the choice and subconsciously make the choice appropriate.

Do I find my wife physically unattractive?No. She herself does not find herself attractive, and I have given up to convince her. For me, looks totally subordinate to the inner.

Is this the answer to your question?Maybe not? But I did want to make the point that physical attraction is not for everyone a reason to start a relationship.

Fortunately, I have never been in such a situation.

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