Are you convinced that Huawei has no good intentions or that their products can be abused?

I am generally neutral with my opinion if the facts are still unclear.Huawei is an enormously large company with enormous influence and for that reason there are always many controversies.

There are four issues that Huawei afflicting.For instance, in 2003, a complaint from Cisco Systems has been that Huawei broke their patents. In 2010, Motorola had a similar complaint. In 2014 T-Mobile was also complaining. The issue with Cisco was ultimately not a lawsuit but quietly resolved. Motorola finally had to pay a hefty amount to Huawei and the issue with T-Mobile is still running because the patent of T-Mobile may be invalid.

A second complaint is about how one deals with their employees and customers.Mainly because Huawei apparently lued companies managers with all sorts of fun trips and other financial fees to make their company but customer of Huawei. In addition, they have ever fired 7,000 employees to hire them as freelancers. A very dubious action. And there are several other complaints about this.

A third complaint is that Huawei has violated international sanctions by supplying technological goods to Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela.These countries are boycotted by the US. Therefore, a Huawei manager was held in Canada with the intention of delivering it to the US for these infringements of the sanctions. This issue is still evolving.

But what you are referring to is the fourth complaint, namely possible spying practices for the Chinese government through Huawei.This already goes back to 2010 and even before that time and there is always some fear among consumers that their hardware secretly spies on them. But yes, if you install Facebook on your mobile It happens pretty much the same but then software-moderately. And companies like Samsung install Facebook just about as a standard part of your Android phone.

But Huawei is accused of installing backdoors in their hardware and so can look at all sorts of devices if they want to.For the US government, backdoors are very popular, but because they have no access to it, they are complained about. In the US, this may not be legal, but China does not have a difficult privacy. That hardly exists there.

It reminds me a bit of the Sony Rootkit that they had attached To Their CD’s for music.Then you went to listen to music on your computer and installed virtually unnoticed software on your computer with which Sony could put some kind of copy protection. Pity only that the rootkit was virtually unremoved and in addition hackers gave access to all infected systems.

Did Sony have good intentions with that stupid action?Probably, because they protect their intellectual property. The possible backdoors that are in hardware can also be intended for good intentions.

And because I don’t know what Huawei ultimately motivates I’m still neutral in my opinion about their products.Anyway I don’t use Huawei products as far as I know so I don’t worry about it either. What I’m more involved with is that every mobile device manufacturer, as well as computers, prefers to install all sorts of extra things on your computer that you may not need as a user.

Then you buy e.g. a Dell or HP computer and will add additional software to “register” your PC with the manufacturer and which apparently sends data back to the manufacturer on a regular basis.The drivers from NVidia also have similar functionality and many modern games also have forms of DRM that do not seem to take so closely with the rules.

Seriously, there is a huge cesspool in the ICT world that nobody really wants to dive into.But many companies like to gather all sorts of information to make a “Big Data” collection to be able to predict certain trends among users through artificial intelligence. They are very curious about what the users do and that does not have to be specific to spying, although that is a possibility.

The world was a lot simpler 25 years ago when the Internet was still in its infancy.I’m not going to put the focus on 1 company that spied on their customers simply because most companies somehow try it…

Huawei is a large international Chinese company.Like any healthy company, they like to make a profit. Furthermore, it is a Chinese company, one that gladly represented Chinese interests earlier.

Huawei behaves like a large company is behaving now, good intentions are there for as long as there are sufficient shareholders who like to have good intentions.

In China, there is little to do with American and European ideas of patents and brand names for ‘ fair competition ‘.In China They make their own rules. That we in Europe are sceptical about it is good to understand. Similarly, we may be skeptical of other big companies, be it Amazon, ING, Samsung, Facebook, Audi, Rabobank, Apple or Siemens by way of. These are all large companies that, with the best intentions, nevertheless represented the interests of their shareholders.

So I am convinced that Huawei has some ‘ grey intentions ‘ and may have a certain degree of abuse of their products.They will not do much other than all the other big companies.

No that woman (top woman Huawei) who is now stuck just wanted to ask for permission for delivery to Iran.Otherwise, she is as stupid or brutal as the nits that she travelled to Canada. By invitation of course. Because it was a preconceived plan.

Those Canadians wanted to join the UN Security Council and had some evidence.Then they made a case in the US right away. Prosecutors want to earn it, Huawei is such a gigantic company.

I myself have trouble with the reason why, ethically speaking.It is important that people can call and communicate with each other and this part of the embargo deprives an important life need of the people there. I find that wrong.

A pity that one measures with two sizes and weights.

The European newspapers are spotted daily with Trump.The allegations and allegations that are expressed are often repetitions of what one has heard. Gossip mixed with truth so that everything has the appearance of being true. Try to do this, really, I mean it, in the country of this 5G producer. The fine comb in which one goes through all the facts or alleged facts regarding the US, is in great contrast to the totalitarian dictatorship that we should actually talk about. We have major problems with a democratically elected president, burning him down to the ground, but we close the eyes for the degout ante practices in terms of censorship, in terms of camps for certain populations and for those who simply do not disappear. For we are craking for such a regime, right? We with our big mouth and our opinion, we would see after 3 seconds all the grass grow from the point of view of the piers. We sell crucial infrastructure such as the port in Greece. We lend our “handsome” headlines in the EU to the AI development for the big money. Merkel sneaking some money to North Africa full of democratic benefactors to stop the economic refugees, of course in the way these Democrats are healed, but without us having to know. We put a gas pipe line to Germany to the gas of this other world power that is owned by another people’s friend. Because we are addicted to making cool pears dependent on us so that we become “blackable”. Because, we Europeans are so broad minded and globalists of course. Because we are all friends among each other so we can sing together Christmas songs around the campfire.

Meanwhile, that one country rolls out with the largest number of inhabitants AI cameras out, issue of monitoring to automate free speech.They are rapidly building aircraft carriers and other military equipment to carry out more peacekeeping missions. Also that other friendly gentleman of the gas, which is obviously looking at how you can bring some more heat to the people who are cold in the winter with rockets. He has already bought a new guitar on Amazon for the campfire.

What most do not know is that spies in the war do not really penetrate the White House and then with a tiny camera you copy all sorts of secret documents.The real work is information on infrastructure. Information networks, where are the blank nodes. The energy supply. Airports, locks and how they are manned. A country can be completely paralyzed by turning off some power stations and communication points. For you personally not so important but you will not be able to recharge your phone and Facebook will not be reachable, you know that terrible feeling though.

The longer a war has suffered, the more the inhabitants become.Many callers everywhere who have opinions, it’s really great. But have an opinion, now has no consequences. You don’t fly behind bars and you won’t lose a euro from your piggy bank. Just compare how Europe and our hoernalists go against Trump in a country where it’s about 50/50 in terms of left against the right and right against the left. Compare it to the two other pet bears who will determine the fate of the world and you see a remarkable difference in opinion. Every hair that is wrong of TRUMPM versus acquiring crucial companies and becoming dependent on slightly less humorous individuals.

Look, we should not zeveren.If we talk about Cisco and other US brands, the US will build backdoors with or without the cooperation of the brand. Did you know that in London they once counted the number of official GSM masts? That there are many more masts than were actually installed by the operators? Information is crucial, i.e. everyone is spying on everyone. In Belgium, they have tried months to remove advanced spy software from Belgacom (now Proximus, which supposedly sent information about communication to the UK. So to speak because one has suspicions but no evidence. It is also claimed that everything was dissolved after a few months. Obviously, I would say so. Course. Already heard of “5 eyes”? The problem is that we in Europe, the moral superiors, do not propose anything. The US and China are fighting for the dominance in AI. And Europe only delivers knowledge and manpower on both sides. Does not play itself, just like in WWII, Europe laughs at everyone but ultimately a world power has to intervene militarily to get the laughters out of the abashment.

Look, smiley, of the two who compete for power in “smart machines”, who would you like to be the winner?Ideally, if the population of Lach land had been smart enough, the EU played with it and we were able to determine our future. We have had a good chance of the neck, because the majority in the EU is singing Kumbaya while the rest of the world is a chance to smoke. The EU is a winning region, food for 1 of the two, so it’s just about Twitter and Facebook. Would you like to turn the prison for your dissent or criticism? Or do you prefer not?

Besides the Dutch and Belgian quality newspapers, it is not difficult to read the German, French and British media as well.And, why not, just look at the left and right media in the US? BBC, CNN and Fox? This will get you far. The ONLY thing you can do to get a more or less truthful picture is to go outside your own comfort zone and see what:

  • Left tells and not right: important!
  • Right tells and left not: Important!
  • What both tell, compare what matches and what differs.

Put your ego aside, put your left and right beliefs aside and start looking at facts instead of what is being launched everywhere.

As for the original question about that company, absence of evidence is not proof of absence.For example, you can think of an “Easter egg” that remains invisible until it is activated. It may even be enough that you know how to easily drop such a network. Such as a DoS, denial of service attack, a certain way to lay out a system from the outside. Of course most people do not possess that strategic knowledge, but they do have something like that, what makes it out, so bad it cannot be, there is indeed serious control (see also Belgacom above), and what’s more. If I were a indicator, I would develop spying devices and make them superior to everything on the market and then sell them below the price. What’s better than add spying equipment? Them by letting the victims pay and install them. And then, Lachebekjes, I laugh a break. Against cheap no one can get on! The avarice seems to deceive the wisdom.

Convinced, no, not.But I do know that I won’t buy Huawei anymore now that the Chinese threaten the Canadians because they want to tackle the corrupt Bazin of Huawei.

I was always a fan of Nokia, until Microsoft, even though such a objectionable company, took over.To the far too expensive Apple I don’t start either, so it probably becomes a Samsung. But it’s like with the big banks, good ones are not there.

Convinced is a big word.I assume that there is always something of personal data forwarded when using smartphones Anno 2019. Google knows too much, Amazon, Facebook (Insta), Twitter idem. Huawei doesn’t make a great deal of difference.

It is complicated and at the same time simple.

For years, the CIA has stopped back doors in exported equipment, when Cisco came back, they were of course very angry.So the US government knows very well what is possible because they have done it themselves.

Years ago We had the case that drain machines from an Israeli company that were used by the DUTCH government also sent a copy of taped telephone conversations to the Mossad.

As User-13236025839879124874 already wrote, you can tell the behavior of the device if more data comes out than it does, which would indicate the unwanted copying of data.But you should actually do that full-time to see that just like the Lieg diesels they always behave neatly or only when you are testing them…

Coming back to Huawei.The equipment may not be trusted. The Chinese government would benefit from that. There is only no evidence published that it is really so.

Has Huawei factories outside of China.Are there also non-Chinese working there? China seems to have demanded years ago from a Dutch entrepreneur that certain parts of ships should be manufactured at them.

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