Are you always, even in the evening, on weekends and during your holidays accessible to your work?


I even have a beep for the very serious cases:

Problem is, however, as soon as they call me, Appen or squeaking, a tellin is going to run.

In the past I did not mow for an hour weekend or holiday or evening hours more or less. But I have now learned that free time is sacred. So if I really need to bake, it’s just an hour-invoice at the fare from the outside category.

Everyone knows that.So one calls me only if it really can’t be any different.

Usually I just leave my phone on, but it rarely happens if I get a message or receive a call from work in the evening or weekend.Really just when something is going on. During holidays I usually turn off the phone.

So I am often reachable, but no abuse is made.If this were to be the same, I would turn off my phone.

As soon as I can charge all those hours for the same rate as daytime, why not?

Yes-nature-evident-day and night-weekends-you name it. That’s peculiar to the job.That is not so exceptional. I am employed but compare it with a small (re) ZZPR-which is also working day and night with the company. That has a number of reasons. It starts with a corporate culture where your “commitment” (involvement is somewhat weak) of everyone expects. Where the company invests in it people; Training, but also wants to see diplomas, where people have a high degree of autonomy (I would be able to use it worth empowerment, but I have to be of puking) where the beancounters (read accountants) do not have their poky tunnel vision by everyone Down throats can rams, where no timecard hangs, if it is necessary one appears earlier or lateres or even remains without even being noted. Where the single control comes the social control of the pears. There, the company expects that if this is necessary one can Skypen on a Saturday or Sunday for a meeting or urgent matter. Where the burden is distributed., one has a mentality of “abundancy” versus “Scarcy” prevails (no good en available) one does not think in the kingdoms and does not feel threatened by successes of a colleague. In such an environment, jecaks company can expect some. As a manager, you also want to be involved in potentially complex scenarios as early as possible. In the end, you are responsible and I have no desire to have a lot of misery after the holiday and then to work endlessly on the right. And this under the motto “You can not be from 8 to 5 pregnant” “. With all the sympathy for the glass lamps, as you climb up in an organization, more of you are asked. Responsible bear burden standing Leiden asks working weeks of 80 hours and more, weekly business trips with one to two weeks absence. This cannot be in duo jobs or part-time jobs, a single exception.

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