Are you a jealous person or do you give the best to everyone, even if those who hurt you?

I am a little jealous only occasionally.Even though I am that sometimes, I don’t let it notice and I give others the best, unless it is not nice people and indeed, unless they hurt me.

Then I give them nothing.However, sometimes a little empathy comes up, where I feel that they too deserve a good life. That’s something of lately, I’ve never been able to feel so much empathy in my life like that I can now.

I can remember that those who make the life of another acid, themselves have problems and are often deeply unhappy, or do not see what they actually do.It is therefore a challenge to learn how to deal with this. If, for example, a friend of mine hurts me, I say some of it and let me notice that I do not like it. It is not that I suddenly have to gun her, unless she would make it very very fur-as I ridicule or hurt heavily, but luckily it never happens.

For your own peace of mind, it is important to release certain events and situations at any given time.What really touches me, and still is, is poorly treated by emergency responders such as the crisis service. I don’t know if I ever get the image of 鈧?虄they are monsters and 鈧?虄they are terribly stupid, incapacitated and deserve pain ever out of my head will be able to gain. Fortunately, I can let go of it, but if I ever encounter them again, I will look at them dirty and I hope they have had it temporarily bad and learned from their inscience. Sometimes I even fantasized about criminal revenge actions and feel intensely fierce and tense, but luckily those thoughts never last longer than 10 minutes, which could last for hours and put me almost to act.

I have become very forgiving, because I know that people who make the lives of others are not happy themselves and that wanting to take revenge brings too much tension for myself and that the consequences are often very bad.

I’m not that. Jealous.Even if people hurt me, what sense would it have if they were to suffer now? Then I would have more to it if they make up for it by being there for me.

I give everyone the best, even if that takes a lot of effort.I also find everyone a beautiful person, I see beautiful qualities in those. Even if that takes a lot of effort because they hurt me.

I am as jealous as the plague in certain areas.I see a beautiful feature, so admire them and wish that I have it too. That’s why I look and analyse the person in his property, do it. At least, I have with something that it does naturally. And again jealous!

I’m jealous of what people are, not on what they have.And that’s why I give them the best, because of those beautiful qualities. The pain comes from the bad qualities and then I give visibility of that pain in the hope that they will learn from it.

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