Are voting hands good or bad for democracy?

The problem is that programmes and political reality are completely detached from each other.A program is primarily a marketing tool. No party intends to implement that, even if they achieve the majority.

You should also look at how steadfast parties are when they arrive in the cabinet.Some Parties are very easily giving away things they have campaigned for. These are the parties that want to bind people, and then with that mandate to represent the wishes of other interest groups.

If there is criticism, you simply say that we live in a coalition country and that in the negotiation process there are always things that are happening.

Take the PvdA, which just went into the plans of the VVD to introduce a landlord levy and abort the corporation sector.Take the VVD, which says it is for SMES, but in fact it just dances to the pipes of the multinationals. Take the CDA, which says it is a single passport system, but we have never heard anything about it after the elections.

Programs are a bit of a farce and voice pointers so too.

I do have trouble with it myself.You vote for more than just propositions.
If, for example, the vote would send me to a political party such as think, PVV or party for the animals as regards migration or the environment, I would vote on a political party which I am not very enthusiastic about the vision and leadership of that Parties.
You also vote for the vision and face of such a party, and that does not take the ballot hands.They give you advice on propositions, but that’s not what politics is just about. My answer: bad.

Voting hands are neither net nor good nor bad for democracy.They carry a risk of incompleteness and simplification, and on the other hand they can help people to make a first impression of the way in which political parties want to profile themselves.

I would not want to ban them.It’s kind of like Quizjes on the TV. They do not bring knowledge, only facts, but they can stimulate people to find out more about it. Then it is positive.

I did not read the article in the Telegraph, because I do not want to let the Telegraph put unnecessary cookies on my PC, but I can also say what the disadvantages are of those voting hands.Where it may be said that they are not all equally bad and some also indicate the limitations honestly.

I have participated in local election programmes several times.If you know that such a voice pointer is going to take it, you can write your program on it. Rewarded are unqualified and priceless wishes in those voting hands. You just write on what you think your voters and the group you want to convince you to vote for.

It can be no harm if there are unattainable platitudes or that you have no idea how to make your wish list.

  • Few thingies that always do well on the left are: higher minimum wage and higher benefits.
  • Few thingies that always do well on the right: lower tax and less government interference.
  • Everyone is covered: fewer rules, less bureaucracy, better education, better care and a smaller government.

Such a voice pointer says nothing about what the government should really do:

  • Integrity
  • Expertise
  • Realism
  • Future-oriented.

We live in a free society.So why should we not earn money with a voting hand?

If they were made integer, they would serve democracy.However, I have never seen that happen.

Nice question.

Voters would be able to provide a good insight into the parties as they would provide insight into the real intentions and actions of POL Parties
[What they don’t do now!
The only way to do this is (to keep it simple) MERELY to display the voting behaviour in relation to different themes in the past administrative period [‘ They voted in favour or against ‘
Only that really gives some pol. parties, or how they act on a daily basis.
(even fairer it’s a decade or longer to take, but yeah….)

A voice pointer that can actually link this actual voting behaviour (for or against this or that) to the preferences of the pointer-counselor, is a fair ballot, and can provide additional insight.

Instead, all crooks-pointers [even those “scientifically” call themselves a link of the empty and false promises of electoral programs [which have also been established with peer-groups, marketing-and populations-research and Vague links, NEVER in that total connection (although boards are still choices-making).

Honest voting hands could help, however, the present ones are merely a reinforcement of the totally false, hypocritical and empty promises and scare tactics of pol. Parties before elections.

They give clues to people who have no idea which party is good for them, so I think they are good enough if they are prepared sufficiently neutral.Although I usually do know I have finished such a questionnaire and this one was very nice, but the result was a little different from my own choice. It is also good that it can make sure that people who would not vote otherwise do so.

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