Are there things in your past that have left you behind a trauma? And if so, where was this about?

I was in school badly in sports.When team sports were played, the best of the class was allowed to add someone to their team. I remained last, or as one of the latter. I was clearly not a reinforcement for a team.

Here I have a life-long dislike of competition and lack of self-confidence.I still feel a kneusje.

The feeling is not always there.That would also be very strange, because in other things I was just the best of the class. I ‘ could learn well ‘ and was not at all uncertain about that. It is even so that psychologists have attributed my lack of self-confidence and decisiveness to it. I never understood that correctly.

A few days ago the penny fell-hence I now respond to this question.I got an email at work or I wanted to participate in the annual Sports day. To strengthen our departmental team. Still is my first reaction, deep out of my guts: No! Help! I never do sports (you know now why); My condition is bad. With me they will not win the competition. But I work at the ICT department (you now know why). Many of my colleagues are worse at sports than I do. My second reaction was: why not actually. Such a sports day is full of cake bites, crashes and other things that you don’t need much fitness or skill for. It is very cozy. I like to do things in a team. You know what? I’m joining.

Yeah, why not, actually?My school time is 35 years behind me. Should I still be on the upside? Then fell the penny. Those psychologists are wrong! No wonder I didn’t understand them.

This is not a trauma.It does not suggest much. Everyone will have such experiences though. But it is something I have suffered since my sixth, which has had a greater negative impact on my self-image and my life than I realized, and where I have been slowly getting over the last 30 years.

Can you consider what a real trauma affects someone’s life. I can only have deep respect for people who have to overcome such a thing.

I am hardhearing born and called Birds-vovels.But I heard too good to go to a deaf school. This was in 1955 and the classes were full of 40 children. First class remain seated and then I got a hearing aid. A huge thing that was pushed on my shirt. So my clothes moved over the microphone. And I heard birds for the first time because I always thought the forest was dead silent, so not. In The 5th Grade I was bullied and did this device at school and back home. So stay seated again. Luckily I went to another school where children were with haemophilia and received a blood transfusion every 3 months or children who could see very badly or children who had epilepsy. And no one was bullied. Small classes and great teachers.

Luckily the technique was getting better and the hearing aids are small and behind your ear.Now even digitally and with a remote control that allows you to turn off background noise. I was once a dance class turned off because that teacher thought I was boycotted but I also don’t hear a size. Music: Never hard, called the Troubadour music like Gordon Lightfoot. And I don’t like a violin concerto because I’m deaf to treble, they sound like cats whine.

I have not actually had any trauma, and I always say that I am deaf, not before because people think that you are stupid (deaf-dumb).Now I also say to friends that they have to have their ears tested and all they say 鈧?艙i’m not deaf 鈧? Actually, it’s really crazy that everyone does buy glasses if you can’t read the newspaper anymore but not a hearing aid while they’re really deaf. The only thing I’ve kept is suspicious because if I don’t understand something, I always think they whisper so I can’t hear it.

There is a deaf generation because those hard concerts destroy the inner ear and that is irreparable.So hopefully the price of hearing aids goes down.

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