Are there still active spies used? Or is this job also replaced by technology?

The NSA actively contributes to technology projects (source: NSA Starts Contributing Low-Level Code TO UEFI BIOS Alternative).

So programmers from this organization help the open source world.

More and more people are needed in the sector:

  1. Technology such as drones that stay in the air for a long time, can be very accurately zoomed in and identified by people.

These devices are controlled remotely but fewer people have to be effectively at risk because the UAV, the unmanned aircraft, can become more and more themselves. The complexity, chips, software, components, are designed by more and more people, with production becoming more and more automatic.

  • Everyone walks around with a smartphone.
  • The main goals today are energy related and communication networks. Not much is written about it because it concerns “national security”, but the stories that emerge about hacking power stations and the grid control systems are alarming. Cyberwars are a reality, where teams of experts try to steal information from the other without being noticed. To lay down systems for any reason whatsoever. And finally, disrupting or laying down a communication system is crucial for any power. In this sense, the roll-out of 5G should also be looked at. Even the military, and especially that in Europe, relies on civilian networks (partly or completely) which some find a little naive and stupid. GPS is from the US and can be used freely, not encrypted. If the US decides to turn on the encryption then everything is silent that makes use of GPS.

  • In London, quite a few additional GSM antennas were found that were not an operator.
  • You can draw the conclusion yourself. On submarine cables between continents, additions are sometimes detected, which were placed via submarines.

  • Google maps makes it quite easy to identify utilities and all sorts of other fairly banal locations for strategic and military purposes.
  • Smartphones are a huge source of data.
  • Invaluable. This article from the NYT I’ve been thrown this week on my Quora space (HW accelerators EATING AI): Opinion | In Stores, Secret Bluetooth Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move.

    The business model of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram,… is collecting data and converting it into revenue.The interests of information and social media and media are similar.

    Like the cool flurks that are planning bad things, friends and enemies are also kept up close to the eye.Everyone spies on everyone, don’t make any illusions. One knows that no telephones (active microphone) must bring to a secret meeting. And don’t be fooled, Encryptionprotcollen shouldn’t have a backdoor, because the real nauseous Flurks have their own protocols. It is sad how superficial the knowledge of politicians is and the disinformation they spread because of encryption and cyber security. Yes, most are so stupid. Those who are not so stupid and spread the myth, that is another story. The pros know what to do to keep conversations and conversations secret, so the old model of 007 and Undercovers is far from dead. We then think of the recent story of the half-brother of the great leader in NK who turned out to work for the US. J Edgar Hoover was the best example of how to gather information about important people, making them manipulated. Some call it blackable but luckily we have expensive lawyers who press them (and you for the court days) that one is innocent until proven to the contrary and that this is slandering and honorable.

    Technological tools are being more sophisticated and are being designed by more and more people, moreover, the classic road still remains interesting for the cases that are aware of taking measures or avoiding cases that Can drain.

    In Belgium, it is known that the state security has been filtered in students ‘ middens (radical than yet) to keep an eye on the anarchists and subversioned.It is also funny to say that spies are sitting on Quora. At the same time it is also a truth as a cow. Certainly China is currently working through a number of Quorans to depress the btales of the regime. Even in the newspaper time, advertisements of this type are distributed:

    (Interview 6 June 2019, afterwards there appeared ad-like links with the same Salix whose screenshots are unfortunately on my other computer, when I think of it I put the screenshot here later).

    Especially on the English Quora I notice quite a few Chinese who (with recent profiles) place very focused reactions and place answers as if there is nothing wrong in China).

    That is not a coincidence. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but any regime good or badly used propaganda. Public forums are the ideal place for this. Just think of the time when consumer product reviews came up, then the review was mostly reliable and nails were beaten with headlines (wink, wink). Today a review has become highly unreliable because as a brand you have to “pamper” the reviewers to obtain good reviews. And influencers earn their money with the review disguised advertising.

    We are still there, and we make use of Quora.

    It is still quite common for security leaks to be exploited on the basis of social engineering.So people are manipulated to perform (often unconsciously) acts through clever manipulation. I see this as the use of a (human) spy. They are definitely used and they are dodgy! That is in any case what I get from my environment as forms of espionage.

    Spies are still used.

    For example, spy planes and satellites can see that there are troops bivouac somewhere, but you still need someone who casually calls a chat with the soldiers to know what they are doing there, where they come from, and what they are going to do.

    Sometimes such a chat can lift many ambiilities.During World War II, the British intercepted a strange coded German radio message, which probably pointed to an imminent operation in the Mediterranean Sea

    “Rex is not to be trusted.He bites. “

    Only after a few weeks did we find out that it was a German shepherd, a watchdog.

    I think there is technology used to spy, and with old-fashioned spying.

    I think because technology has recently been used to spy on me and find out what we know.My sister in law and me. Because together we have found out that my ex together with his Collega s and boss are very criminal.

    There are few things in the world where so much money is spent to protect this kind of criminal behavior with technology.

    I don’t really touch that world Lol!

    I think states (and companies) make use of everything they can deploy, so people with technology.Thus, in the USA alone, the CIA 22,000 employees have, the DIA 16,500, the NSA 35,000, the NRO an unknown number,… There would be a total of a dozen American secret services, and then there is the whole grey world of informants, occasional workers, and companies that are actually private information services (and perhaps suppliers of soldiers under contract) As the “known” Company KROLL. Of course, not all of those employees are secret agents. Maybe a few thousands of agents “in the field”?

    No, it is very clear a sector with future!!Since 9/11, they have never been so good, the spies and cons pawns.

    Obviously, much of the spy box has become cyber, but there are still many difficult where 鈧?艙boots on the ground 鈧?are necessary.Think, for example, of the espionage at Asml or years ago with Pakistani scholar. Or recently the Russians at the OPCW. In short, many can be technologically, but often the first is to physically force the 鈧?艙access door 鈧? by for example in a local machine a USB stick…

    Very likely though.HUMINT can never be completely replaced by ELINT.

    A year or two ago there was arrested in the Netherlands a spy who wanted to leave to China with a suitcase full of documents.Of course, corporate espionage, but still punishable.

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