Are there really so many people who believe in conspiracies or is it a new trend that is reinforced by social media?

Social media may only make it easier to share information.But in the time of the Freemasons or the moon landing there were no social media, and yet people already believed in conspiracies.

The whole idea of misinformation on social media is to magnify all forms of “weird information” and “conspiracy theories”.We have become very critical because they have a tremendous impact and now, in fact, for the first time, we are very much aware that it is so. However, I do not believe that this is something new, social media reinforces something that is already in the people. Because everything is hyper-connected now, it can be better and easy to make itself big.

Area 51, principals for murder of Kennedy, shadow government by thought reading aliens (put your silver paper hat on!).Just some examples of conspiracies that have long existed for social media.

With the exception of some specialised journals, these were not taken seriously.Mainstream media and politicians left things like this.

With the advent of social media there is more emphasis on the effect of a message coming up and less on the content.

If I were to Bazuinen that a politician runs a sex shop with children under a pizzeria, everyone will wear me crazy.It is apparently different, if a son of an American presidential candidate does.

Targeted reporting can reach a specific target audience that is susceptible to certain conspiracies more specifically.As a result, it is also more interesting to use for political purposes.

So some conspiracies are reinforced by social media.

The hassle around MH17.It was a meteorite. A jet fighter. A UFO. Or no, it was last summer when everything was in bloom. Or a BUK, but from the other side.

Controversy that, I think, likes to be used by a number of political parties to turn away from the mainstream thought.I have no idea whether the conspiracies are actually believed by large groups of people.

It seems that the government is losing its majority in the first chamber.This will affect legislation around vaccinations. In the run-up there you can expect an increase in conspiracy theories around vaccination.

The use of conspiracies in politics generally works polarizing.It promises to be a hot summer again;-)

If it is a trend, then that trend is already centuries old.That kind of story has always been there. People who find the whole reality somewhat complicated to include, find it nice to just believe a possible ‘ solution ‘ and adhere to it. That makes the world less complex in their perception. That kind of waves is naturally reinforced by social media, because just about everything is reinforced by social media. But that social media also ensures that counter-sounds get the same space, and then the arm is pressed. If you are open to it. Many just move on to the other side. You have to adhere to anything right? To keep it simpler. Find many.

More people are now coming out for their faith in conspiracies.By accessing social media people come into contact with Likeminden. This brings conspiracy theories of conversations in backroom to the fore in the lives of these people. Strengthened by the many people who like their thinking they are going to spread their vision and before you know it a new trend has been born.

Innocent when it comes to “9 -11 was an inside job”, Kwal as people focused history or proven science are going to try to rewrite.

I do not know to what extent you are awakened as a person < cough ratrace cough >, but some ‘ conspiracy’ theories are indeed based on facts, with as one of the exceptions, the Flat Earth.

These theories are there to:

  1. To make people think, think critically-something many cannot.
  2. Letting people know that our world is not, as she seems… And there are many illusions.

Examples of illusions:

  1. Famine
  2. The need to work hard
  3. Who is or is not a terrorist…

All these things you will find out, for example, when you learn a new language.

But Bon.As long as you are not open to it, you will remain like a beautiful holding fish (= on its washes-Vloms) in a figurative mental jar.

It is not a trend because people are alt铆jd looking for (the) truth.Social Media and open platforms are a catalisator for distributing this kind of information, and nowadays, a censorship is being made on conspiracies. That raises many questions because you may wonder what kind of a society we have created if we want to censor truth seekers.

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