Are there extreme right-wing propaganda sites in the Netherlands?

Perhaps needless to say, but in this answer, ideas and propaganda points of the extreme right are discussed.There are also two direct links to sites that are actually better not able to exist. If you have a good day, or you want to maintain a positive human image, you can get MSS. Better stop reading.
I would also like to say that you may want to read my answer first (you’ve already clicked, so engaging), before you start looking at the sites yourself.It is useful to have context before exposing yourself to sites created to spread racial hatred and conspiracy theories.
Within that trend, if Quora moderators decide to bend this whole answer, I have nothing to understand.
If you are looking for information about the extreme right in the Netherlands without actually going to the sites, I can Kafka | Antifascist Research group recommend.

Yes, there are Dutch extreme right-wing propaganda sites, but the Internet is naturally international, and the Dutch are generally good in English.Most extreme right-wing Dutchmen sit on 4chan, 8chan, or other English-language platforms.
Stormfront is another well-known English example, previously mentioned by Roland Eriks.It is mostly American and therefore also decorated on Americans, but it has a Dutch department if I understand it well. Stormfront is especially famous because it has existed for so long, and it’s a bit of a joke on the forum that half of the users undercover FBI is keeping an eye on things.

If you want to read the extreme right in Dutch, check out the pro-PVV and pro-FvD pages of Facebook.The parties themselves are doing their best to arrive at a little more than usual, but the followers, on the other hand, are on FB without a brake.
Much further, however, the occasional racist remark is often not.The real ossis have switched to the Russian Facebook, UK.
Wallpapers’s comments may also be some of it, but that’s mainly because it’s poorly moderated.Dumpert is more tolerant of racism, woman unfriendliness and pest behavior than other sites, but it’s not an extreme right propaganda machine in itself, and you’re actually against all the political orientations.

But FB and wallpapers are not quite what you mean, despite the fact that Islamophobia and woman unfriendliness do fall within the extreme right-wing ideology.
What you can do if you seek the pruning propaganda is ‘ gutmensch ‘, ‘ embrace ‘ or ‘ cultural Marxism ‘ via the search engine Duck GoGo search.If you have another word that is exclusive to the extreme right, it works equally well. Through this route I found without difficulty (no title) .This was the first and only site I clicked on, but there are no doubt much more like this one.

Conspiracy theories also work fine.Search terms such as ‘ NWO ‘, ‘ chemtrails ‘ and ‘ MK-Ultra ‘ (again via Duck GoGo, enabling criteria for Dutch sites), and you will soon come out on one or another call to defend the white breed against foreigners, Jews and left-wing politics.
That conspiracy theories also work to find extreme-right propaganda comes because the extreme right often thinks in conspiracy theories.’ Embracing ‘ and ‘ cultural Marxism ‘ are in themselves also conspiracy theories, which argue that the EU and Jews want to enslave or eradicate the west.
If you look at this kind of conspiracy sites you won’t feel that supporters of the extreme right are about the same as Flat Earth gelovers.In both cases, ‘ forbidden knowledge ‘ is offered that shows how corrupt and dangerous the elite is, and which makes you very special towards the ‘ sheeple ‘. The extreme right also often believes that the Western world is living in a kind of intoxication, made by left-wing politicians and or not the Jews, so according to these people we do not realise that we are rading our land and race.
But well, by searching for ‘ MK-Ultra ‘, which in itself is not even a conspiracy theory, and quite separate from the far right, you will soon find yourself on sites like this:

You would think that the amateurish level and madness on such sites is not able to attract people.And yet you see here on Quora the same conspiracies that are found on such sites. And, in fact, we have even politicians who do not hesitate to have ‘ embrace ‘.
So despite that it seems difficult to take seriously, understand well, conspiracy thinkers and supporters of extreme right are not necessarily mad or stupid, even though we like to believe that this is so. Everyone is in principle receptive to that kind of idea, and that is precisely what makes extreme right so extremely dangerous.

Is ThePost Online a propaganda site?


Quote from The Right has the wind Mee-Rotterdam today & Tomorrow-the most Rotterdam newspaper.:

The calls itself an independent magazine, but must be placed very clearly on the right side of the spectrum.

The same applies to (‘ beyond its own right ‘), (weblog on mostly political matters) and (news, opinion and Debatlog).

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