Are not scientifically substantiated answers welcome here? Someone replied eg. With the text of a guru.

All answers do not have to be scientifically substantiated.

Links, sources, images and qualifications are appreciated.

If you see such a “Guru” answer, you can REPORT it for moderation.I try as much as possible to read all the answers, but it gets tricky. I do not want to be a religious endoctrination on Quora. I do respect that people can have a religious background, but respect is mutually beneficial.

Even a kangaroo can do his say here but some counter-noise is to be expected.

No idea.

But if you want to read a good answer, with some honesty about what we don’t know, it seems better to rely on the answers more or less scientifically substantiated [reference needed:-)

In Some groups of questions there are few scientific answers to be found, and a bit of folk wisdom or that of a guru might be OK.

And of course it can be that a guru may or may not accidentally bring forth a scientifically substantiated and valid idea (but it might say a little more beautiful or more rakender).

You can also see Quora as one source of answers and opinions, and start your search for an answer to your question.

An answer based on an authority-the concept of a guru for example-contains a fallacy: an argumentum ad verecundiam.

Things are not true because someone says it, you need real arguments to come to a justified conclusion.

If they are not allowed, Quora can close.

I cannot, however, scientifically underpin this;

Very welcome.

The number of questions that roam here about “Twin Flames”… The only scientific answer to all those Twin Flames romance is: “In the real world, there’s no such thing”.

Mirror Soul Meaning: Twin Flames Stages And Signs (Beware, if you don’t have a bullcrap detector, you can stay away)

I kept myself busy with that, because those Twin Flamers are quite scary.Nothing, literally nothing, can stand true love between twin flames, because it is the FATE… So kill that neighbor, because he keeps you away from your TRUE love, the neighbor, who can only TRULY reach her DESTINY in your TRUE LOVE as TWIN FLAMES.
ETC until you have fallow tendencies.

To realise that I made no one happy with it, including myself.So Twin Flamers find each other ironic on Quora. Must be able to…

Not scientifically substantiated answers and even questions about scientifically totally silly themes are fine.They just need to be in the right context and meet the rules.


  • “I do not believe in evolution because that is against Christianity/Islam”, is fine.
  • “I do not believe in evolution and here is all the evidence” (refers to riveting lies and deceiving), is not okay
  • “I believe in evolution, here are the scientific arguments and whoever does not agree with me, is a * $% @… “Is not okay

I have some admiration for Quora moderators, I must say.Very challenging job, seems to me.

‘, ‘ Many answers are not substantiated because they originate from decades of study and millions of pages of textbooks.That is not to pass on Quora.

“,” Of course, everyone can just give her or his opinion or feelings about it asked.

Did the said Guru have no scientific background?

Gurus may be crazy, but not retarded.But yes, if I were to quote from the works of Rudolf Steiner I would be strange as a whole world. For most people his works are bizarre Gibtaal. The authority of a guru is recognized only by his own believers. Inside their own church: Magister Dixit! So, what Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Jiddu Krishnamurti or Ramana Maharishi said is not objective knowledge. Therefore, such quotations are not objectively viable arguments.

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