Are intelligent people more often depressed?

It is true that very intelligent people are more susceptible to depression than the average person.

There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Social frustration and “isolation”
  • Intelligent people find it harder to have good interlocutors and people with whom they like to spend time.

If you want more details about this phenomenon, you should read this answer from me as a reference: answer from Ryan Wateros on why are intelligent people often socially isolated?

  • Insecurity
  • Intelligent people are aware of their own mistakes and realise their weakest points and this increases their uncertainties.
  • The more obvious these issues are for them, the more likely it is that when these culminate, they will make the person insecure.

  • Trust problems.
  • It is not easy for very intelligent people to open and trust someone.
  • Their intelligence means that they are marks on the subtle things that are not obvious to most people. They see mistakes in others and that is why they are so hesitating to trust them. Of course, if you can’t trust others, it means you can’t get any feelings out of you and this is essential. Suppressing your feelings is not good and it can cause your problems and psychological problems to multiply.

  • Pessimism
  • Intelligent people are usually overthinkers and analytical minds.
  • They work with possibilities rather than with feelings. They rarely let their hearts take decisions. This overanalysis results in seeing more poor results and less potential. Studies have revealed that there is a positive statistical correlation between IQ and depression.You could argue that intelligent people are more likely to be depressed. However, what is forgotten is whether there is a causal link and whether the measurement is good at all.

    Do we actually know so sure if intelligent people are also really depressed?Perhaps people who are not as intelligent are also depressed, but do not appoint them. For example, there is also a static correlation of low-educated people who are less often going to a doctor and therefore perhaps no depression is detected because there is no reference to psychologist.

    What is also a known correlation in people with high IQ is that they have few friends.After all, very intelligent people are very few and so it is difficult to find friends with common traits. Maybe you can say that people with few friends are lonely, but more often depressed? That might not be as sure as it seems.

    It is difficult to answer that in general.There are certain situations or disorders that could lead to depression more quickly in intelligent people. Let me start with my own situation. I think I can reasonably say that I am above average intelligent, after all, have successfully completed an academic study and held myself in several countries in an academic working environment and the task description for now 35 years. But I have experienced major depressive episodes several times. The cause of this is, I am convinced, the lifelong frustration different and for my feeling never to be good enough. And that is because of my Asperger (diagnosed only a year or five years ago, when the pieces of the puzzle fell in place) which made me feel misunderstood. And other people, without such interference, feel and understand things in social interactions as “self-evident.” I always had to work hard for that, had to learn or think with trial and error.

    Situations in which I could also imagine is when intelligent people, who, by their genetic predisposition and/or their youth, are not optimistic in nature and were not given fair chances/get a build up frustration that is directed inward.And that’s depressive.

    Yes, intelligent people are more often depressed that you can actually say as a statement ingredients people are generally much more often confronted with the general realities of being mine and have more often what I call Matrix Momentjes.

    And this may happen to be offensive but I sat in the hospital house yesterday and I sat between the other people and and it was just or that I am coming out myself and I saw all those people walking with also all their own problems some very serious some not serious and their EIG And worries all in self-turned all look no further as their own capsule.

    Then you see that and then you have to be very depressed and then you get so what I call a matrix moment you so of ont plug me now please on the spot because this can not be true I mean this skips nowhere on you have to see those cows grazing here well and that Have intelligent people I think so something more often like a Britney or a Barbie or you know what I mean so one thing what try to ride horse or try to remove the plastic implants

    And yes I have a decent ego I have earned it then too.

    Intelligent people are generally more realistic and have a pessimistic view of things.Seems logical that they are more susceptible to things like depression. They are more curious and are more open to new things like the suffies.

    I dare assume that by high intelligence and the factors associated with it (less social hunting-terein 鈫?susceptible/isolation), so someone is more likely to get into a living situation which in itself increases the chance for depression.But whether that will manifest is a dancing needle that fluctuates between many factors that makes it difficult to make an accurate description of an intelligent person from the notion of “intelligence” and whether or not it will develop depression.

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