Are ‘ baby on board ‘ stickers effective? Do you drive neater and/or slower if you see such a sticker in the traffic?

I always try to drive just and not fast, especially in the Netherlands.When I see a “Baby on board” sticker, I always think back to the Simpsons and especially The Episode Homer’s Barbershop Quartet (1993). [1

Homer’s Barbershop Quartet [2

In This episode is told about the band Be Sharp of which Homer Simpson, Apu, Skinner and Barney were members of.

Their number one hit was Baby on Board. [3[4

So the answer is, no I do not queue slower or more netter, but I will then humming the song Baby on Board of the Simpsons .

Thank you for asking me this question Bastiaan achthoven (Quora user).


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As a motorcyclist I always wonder what the added value of such a sticker is. Because I do not drive differently, and I see a lot of drivers of cars with such a sticker show weird driving behaviour which absolutely does not correspond to that sticker and the value of young life (tailgating, too hard or too tight overtaking and no direction indicating just what to No Emen

I often think that for me that sticker only has 1 value, if the car is involved in an accident you have to search for a baby.If they had them with them. A baby can swing weird by a car if it is not firmly seated in a special seat.

For me, the sticker has absolutely no added value and if I had a car myself and a baby I wouldn’t stick something like that.

I think they work up to a certain height for sure.

When you get raised and rushed through traffic and you read that sticker you think of a sweet little innocent mensje.This can make you think and do decide that your rushed to the delusion of the day is not worthy of putting human lives and certainly that of a child at stake..

I always do my best to be considerate and attentive by the traffic, regardless of stickers.

As a cyclist I don’t have much to do with it, I try to take into account other road users and hope that they do so with me.After all, you are more vulnerable than occupants of a car without a metal cage around you. So for example not without watching a porter open.

If you would see a bumper sticker “Grandpa on board”, do you also consider that car?Or maybe right then.

It will make people more aware.So yes. Well effective.

No, they are nonsense.Do you think people are picking off the sticker when they go on their way without a baby?

In addition, people with such a sticker are often buffers in t traffic.

I try to drive safely but I am not going to drive otherwise if there is such a sticker on n car.

It is also indirectly for the other road users, but especially for the rescuers in an accident.As soon as they see the sticker, the baby becomes priority, expert helpers are turned on, other precautions are needed.

Last year there was a fatal accident where such a sticker was sitting on the window and the baby car seat was hurled by the car.The rescuers have searched the roadside for a baby. They have put an urgent step behind the identification so that family could be called over the stay of the baby at that time.

I always used a plate with suction cup on the side where the baby was stuck.If she was not seated, the sign was in the glove compartment or in the door. The baby car seat was also at home or lay in the back of the trunk if I needed it that day.

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