Are antimatter weapons possible? If so, where would they allow?

As another answer to your question has already indicated, antimatter is extremely difficult to make.As short as it is, we can answer your question from there.

Antimatter is actually a wrong or at least some crooked denomination.It is simply matter, nothing anti, which actually means ‘ no matter ‘. It could rather be called ‘ opposite matter ‘, opposed (in terms of load) to the usual matter.

So the difference is in the load.What in normal matter has a positive charge in antimatter has a negative charge and what normally has a negative charge here has a positive. Electron has the positron as an anti-particle, the proton has the antiproton as a ‘ buddy ‘, and so you can finish the entire row of particles.

When these particles meet, they go into energy.This is just as easy to write, but remember that this is about gigantic amounts of energy. A block of iron and anti-iron produces an energy emission equal to all the atomic bombs that are stored there. This is calculated Via the famous formula E = MC ^ 2. C, the speed of light in the square is a huge number.

This energy could certainly be a weapon made.A weapon that would reduce all other weapons to toys. Only by the nature of matter and antimatter do you have a few knoerten problems

  • How do you save it?

It should not come into contact with ordinary matter, otherwise the shooter and his surroundings will be suddenly in smoke

  • How do you deliver it in the right place?
  • On the way, the antimatter is constantly in contact with the air, for example, and that gives a nice light show of course, but above all the amount of antimatter decreases.

  • How do you keep the effects in hand?
  • The energy issue is so great that the own population or group also suffers from damage. Direct, but above all indirectly. Devastated land, radiation, and much more discomfort. The consequential damage, radiation, diseases and other terrors, is often greater than the direct damage caused by the explosion.

    All in all this is still a big bridge too far and that is good too.


    In science fiction stories, such as Star Trek, anti matter weapons are very popular.

    In theory, any amount of antimatter with the same amount of matter will react and total in energy, mainly gamma radiation, are converted.

    This produces a very impressive number on paper.

    In practice, it is extremely difficult and costly to make even a few particles of it.Using it in a weapon is much more difficult.

    An extremely advanced civilization could possibly make weapons of it.Probably they will choose other options sooner.

    The amount of energy needed to make antimatter is immense.The same energy used in other ways is probably more effective, unless the technology very much changed.

    It is very difficult to make antimatter particles.Researchers at CERN have succeeded in making anti-atoms, but this is done in a laboratory with the dimensions of a tennis court. But as soon as these particles were sent out in a radius they would annihilate themselves with the molecules in the air.

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