Are all Belgians Roman Catholic?

There are 7 recognized religions in Belgium: Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.There are supporters of all these religions. Some Belgians also belong to an unrecognized belief. And then you still have free-spiriting.

Most people are counted among the Catholics because they are baptized.

Often children are baptized out of tradition, not because their parents are faithful.Those parents (and their children) hardly go to church. They therefore do not really consider themselves Catholic. But because they are in the baptismal register, they are still counted.

In short: Most white Belgians are Catholic on paper, but in practice you don’t notice that much of it.


There are quite a few Jews, Islamists, Protestants, Greek orthodoxes, Russian Orthodox and Buddhist people living in Belgium.And presumably still some (albeit relatively few) believers of other good services.

And then of course there are the unbelievers, the freemen, and quite a few people who have been educated Christian (or Catholic) but do not regard themselves as “practicing Catholic”…

Of course not.Weird question.

The large majority is culturally Catholic, but not practicing.

Nor if all the Dutch are Protestant.

All Belgians are certainly not (Roman) Catholic for obvious reasons.

I am a lot less resolute about Belgium.It is true that the establishment of society in Belgium is closely linked to the Institute of the Catholic Church and the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Many of us enjoy the free days that the Catholic calendar and the Catholic Use (communion) offers us.

Although I certainly experience the presence of the Catholic Church as very dominant, my impression is that all religions formally have equal rights and opportunities.

The majority of the Roman Catholic people are already crumbling sharply with Darwin and technological advances.They cannot directly explain who or what God is, but if there is anything that can use that term, it is this planet. Oei, then we are trampling God. I was Catholic, now pragmatically instituted.

I could start that most of the original Belgians have a white skin, but they are not yet Catholic . After the war, many people were Catholic, they wanted to thank God for the survivors of the war and pray for the missing and stormed.Then came a younger generation, who had those problems no longer, and his rap dropped to a less Catholic stance. Now / It would actually be that many Belgians follow up and experience the Catholic festivals, but beyond that nothing, so first communion for the children, and then done.Practically speaking, and just look at the churches that are still open, there are still very few praticating in Belgium.

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