Americans and right-wing populists like to claim that there is no real freedom of expression in Germany. Is that true?

Americans also like to claim that their American football is real football, and what the rest of the world calls “football” is just soccer.

Strictly speaking, the American “Freedom of Speech” is not just a freedom of expression, but a freedom ofexpression.

This also exists in Germany, but paragraph 2 makes it clear in Article 5 of the Basic Law that this fundamental right does not protect against prosecution, if one breaks a law with one’s expression of opinion (e.g. to call someone a “brain-burned Nazi penner” ).

So what is “real” freedom?

Questions about the real thing, the real thing and bums, are in my opinion often quite philosophical and questions about freedom, I would rather leave to a liberal, who are more in the stuff.

But if you ask me (and at least that’s what the one who sent me the question) – Freedom is also always closely linked toresponsibility, that is, the question of how to deal with one’s freedom responsibly.

The freedom of expression of the Federal Republic of Germany presupposes that one can also be responsible for one’sopinion.

The freedom of expression of the United States actually only means that you can give any nonsense without ever fearingconsequences.

Ergo, in my m.E, German freedom of expression is a real freedom with the obligation to use it replace, whereas American freedom is simply a pure lack of consequences.

Freedom of expression for adults and freedom of expression for eternal children.Freedom of expression for conscious spirits and freedom of expression for cowards.

According to my upbringing and socialization, not only does there be “real” freedom of expression in Germany, but also there is no real freedom of expression in the United States.

But is certainly a question of culturalperspective.

I would not take right-wing populists seriously on this issue.What they call a restriction on their freedom of expression is actually just anger at the fact that they are contradicting their chatter or that the daily newspaper intern, who oversees the comment function, is enforcing house law.

You can see some of the answers here…

At the end of the day, it is all about being able to express justifiable jokes, racist or biologistic or “ethnopluralistic” fake information, the dissemination of which can rightly be punishable.It is not for nothing that the constitutional protection recently made it clear with regard to the AfD that such content can pose a threat to Article 1 of the Basic Law.

Where a balance needs to be made between Article 1 and Article 5, Article 5 shall be shortened at all times.And rightly so.

In principle, they only want a persil certificate.And actually only for himself, because with the “left-green sifted” gesindel should be “cleaned up” soon.

I have not yet seen/read a right-wing populist who would have been very concerned about my freedom of expression.

Not a single one.

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