Am I the only one to experience the potgracefully large amount of forced questions by Quoras’s own Community Managers as negative?

Well, I wasn’t so happy with all those questions.So I talked to Céline about it. Céline is just a nice woman with a difficult job. She writes herself answers that are worthwhile by her human and candid approach.

She explained to me that she could in itself sift my name from the names of people who are presented to her by the system as people who could answer a question.After some deliberation, we concluded that it takes her a lot of time, while I can just ignore those questions. And I do so now. Not ideal, but rather an imperfection in the system than a human inheeness.

In Norway, these types of startup problems also played and the Community manager ceased.I don’t want to lose Céline at all.

First of all, it makes me very good to read the existing answers.Eve vanKasteelhoven, user-13236025839879124874, Frans van Oostveen and Quora user, I would like to thank you for your kind words, your support and understanding.

I would like to clarify a few things:

-There is only one Community Manager.(Ibeh)

-You can, like the others have told you, ignorethe questions posed to you, and you can also adjust your notification settings so that you don’t get bothered.

-Your name is recommended to me when I am looking for users to A2A because you have already replied in the subject of the question I just asked.If you’re interested in one topic, you probably have more sense to answer a question about this topic.

Now I want to ask you another question:


1/Existing Quora users ask no or few questions (because they don’t like it, don’t know how to formulate it, don’t feel at ease if their name is linked to the question, or just don’t make sense or whatever reason)

2/Existing Quora users complain that Quora questions translated from the English version of Quora are

3/Existing Quora users complain that there is such a thing as a partner Program (not on the Dutch version)

4/Existing Quora users complain that I, the Community manager, ask questions on Quora…..

Tell me….. Is there any right way to ask a question on Quora that everyone will give birth to?

The only solution that would be more or less pleasing to everyone would be if the Quora community were to add more questions.

I saw that Eve added a few and I will try to answer them as soon as I have time for it.

I would like to do that, if I can, as a sign of my support for asking more questions.

You know, Quora in Dutch was launched just a few months ago, and it takes a lot of effort to get the community going.It works better if we all contribute, and when we all communicate.

You can always send me a message, I am open to communication.

Hopefully you understand the situation, and that no harm is meant.I certainly don’t want to bother you with the questions, and I apologize if it gives you a negative Quora experience.

I will try to avoid A2A’s send you, and if I do that accidentally, please ignore it.

Dearest Fred,

Quora has a number of policies.

One is that you love others.(Officially it is Nice, show respect, but ‘ loving ‘ covers the load reasonably well.)

Being kind to each other is what makes Quora so unique and why other forums where everyone is just putting a little bit of a touch on his keyboard and without a lot of stuff that he or she would better keep for himself as much nonsense.

I admit that it is not always easy to be loving at all times.

Sometimes you tend to want to sue things that you think are wrong and unsalted to declare your opinion.Sometimes you see injustice and you are going to make your point a step too far. We all have one. But Quora is a site where you have to learn that. Personally, I think that Quora can exaggerate in this, even if someone is anything but loving, you still have to behave and you must answer respectfully. So that the first person not treated so sweet is the victim of a report (‘ notification ‘ they call it here.)

In other words, I have to behave and be sweet and I will not talk about what I actually think about your question.I also don’t try to convince you that it might have been better to ask the question neutral and leave words like ‘ potsierlijk ‘ or ‘ forced ‘ away. (You would still ask the same question, but it would happen to be ‘ rather ‘.)

But, dearest Fred, Céline indeed poses many questions.

That’s her job!This Dutch version is relatively new and Quora is now a Q & a site. Without questions, no answers. In other words, someone has to ask questions.

Moreover, Céline does that well!

I much prefer that someone like Celine proposes them because at least it has the best for this site.On the English site they run a program (Quora Partner Program) where people can earn money by asking questions. Some do so in honor and conscience and still make interesting, engaging questions. But unfortunately there are also some who make a sport to ask a carrefreight of the most idiotic questions every day.

No give me but Celine her questions are 1000 times better than what you can sometimes find on the English version.

It would be nice to be able to appreciate her hard work.

The last thing you want is a similar Quora partner ‘ hassle ‘ on the Dutch version.

I think you are in the minority here yes. Questions keep this site running, finally.I try to ask my own questions, but I find an answer with my own position easier to formulate than a well thought out question.

So I’m happy with the people asking a lot of questions.I do not know the answer to most of the questions that come to my side, but if that is the question that you find annoying, you can always ignore them.

But what exactly do you mean by experiencing negative?Do you get worse, or do you have a bad experience with the site? Because if the latter is the case, well, then the only thing you can do is ask yourself questions, and encourage others to ask more questions. Because when few questions are asked by whoever, the site runs a bit dead.

Hmm.. Maybe.

I also think it is forced to happen but Celine does it disarmed.
And.. In contrast to the “Quora question translator”, Celine may be interested in your answer.In any case, she regularly makes a note that she reads answers.

The adjective Potsierlijk in your question I experience as negative, but the questions that our Community Manager suggests I find witness to enthusiasm and perseverance.

To grow a social platform where the international version is a kind of competitor, where notoriety is not yet super large, requires time patience, energy and a lot of input.

Well that is at least appreciated by many here..

Have you ever watched a coin?

It’s the trouble.

(Source: Pixabay)

A coin has two sides.

For the Ollanders among us, any benefit hep them disadvantage.

Before I get all the Ollanders over me.

The Netherlands is doing well economically and Belgium is hopeless and clinically dead. I left there although there may be no life on Pluto. The charity is a little bit for the side pockets as they say.

At first sight

Quora is both frustration and a place where you can be read.The moderation, especially in world languages such as English, is out of hand, especially because of the amount of questions and answers with AI, artificial intelligence. There are idiotic questions, there are questions that you can googling much better than they put on Quora, there are the Affiliate programs that some give income and others do not again. Writers are thrown off for legitimate reasons and others unjustly. Quora gets excellent content, very good quality free. And I am sometimes so angry with Quora that I do not come to Quora for a few days or weeks. The list is long and sufficiently well known.


I always have stories in my head, I always want to find out more and most importantly, I never dare write anything on a temporary blog after. Quora in English was my starting piste to write about chip design and KI (artificial intelligence or AI).I have learned through damage and shame that you need a worldwide spoken language to get some response or “likes”. And sometimes I am angry because I have so much time to eat on Quora, but then I really have to be mad at myself and not on Quora. In English called procrastination.

For advanced

In Belgium, we used to have only the state TV, until the commercial channels came.Give the people what it wants to be full. On Quora too, general matters and rather superficial subjects are very good. In Dutch this is no different. Only we are in Dutch with the same phenomenon as worldwide, if it is not what we want to hear, it must be banned. Unfortunately, the learning trajectory that you continue from you may be born until-let’s say-“ascension” of the Stargate Atlantis TV series never happen. First you look no further than your own family, friends, school, City, country. Than a larger union, EU, US, Asia, and finally the world. You can only learn something if you are open to something else. And there is indeed a difference between being receptive to astrology than to astronomy. If you take the 40, and are not in a founded in the closed department, you have already experienced a number of things in life and you have learned to deal with it. Which is not to say that it does not remain with trial and error. But you have to understand, for example, all sorts of philosophical tendencies, of which the stoicins are a good example. You need to be fully aware of how human biology intertwines, especially the human brain is crucial. You need to know how human beings behave, how biology and chemistry in the brain makes us susceptible to all sorts of tricks of the foor. Behavioural psychology is today THE basis for marketing and sales, the maximum benefit of human weaknesses to sell. Politics has also become fully marketing. Behind every more or less successful politician is a marketer who determines the positions of the politician through polls and numbers and analyses. Media training is no different than high level chess and persuasion (I have no good word that really describes persuasion in Dutch). It used to be said, you need to be a doctor or engineer. I am an engineer but you have to study a lot of other areas to make a chance for success. I have already mentioned biology and behavioural psychology, but also politics and this internationally. Don’t just hear 1 side of the case but from both sides, set your judgement, try to get the information out. To understand. You need to know how the economy works, inflation, currency devaluations, sovereign debt, pensions. Mathematics. Statistics. Ultimately, the result counts, by that I mean, who can predict the future on the basis of observations. And you can only really know what the EU is, or what it is not at all, if you have moved to another European country. All the sudden, all the EU leaders ‘ statements about union and connectedness, efficiency and whatever, all worthless, are proving to be lies. In the US, for example, it is war between the various media that have all chosen a side and manipulate information to their hearts, which suits them best. If you keep reading both sides, you’ll notice how news is no longer news. And the essence of the matter is, most importantly, what everyone should be taught directly in every training. Man tries to get confirmation for his own opinion. To the extent that one is in a situation where there is little or no connection with reality. No logic, no evidence, no thoughtful reasoning can be opposed to that. This is a hard-hitting law which, if one does not know it, can bring a great problem to everyone. Because everyone who is in the same mindset, or shared reality, is committed to the utmost to maintain this reality. If the Democrats say that Kavanaugh is a chief judge who is appointed by the Republicans and thus will guard the Republican agenda, then mutatis mutandis it will also be that the Democrats have placed their candidates in the previous years. Do you want this closer to home? In Belgium, Fientje Moerman, not her real name, was to resign as Minister for alleged Skulduggery (never proved, of course), appointed for Open-VLD at the Belgian Constitutional Court. Some time ago, a SP-a appointed Council of State Judge warned that NVA named the Council of State politically because, mutatis mutandis, it would later be used against them when they would nominate “their” judges. The point is not Trump, Hillary, Obama, NVA, SP-A or Open-VLD. The point is that people get a lot of power provided. And that this power can be abused, especially against those who are unimportant. No one can bring down a mighty person for the sake of a no-one, however much that nobody can be right and the right on his or her side. I would advise you to find out how the Minister of Justice resigned in Canada at the beginning of 2019 and now comes up with an audio recording of how she was pressured to make a company Matsen. Unless she has very powerful friends, one of the following years will be presented to her the bill. And you denklt of course, what does that all have to do with it?

Live and let live

The most dangerous thing that can happen is as happened in Belgium.Newspaper websites gave the flexibility to comment on articles. When Fortis underwent under dubious circumstances, and the newspaper time has large advertisers (e.g. BNP Paribas and now Ageas, the successor of Fortis) and anyone who dared to predict that the whole thing would end ten years later without prosecution because Important (One whispers nobility) people at Ware, who was thrown off and commentary was removed. Censorship is something that must be avoided AT ALL costs. That is to say that we (and also read the UN human rights in terms of freedom of expression) must tolerate ridiculous, hurtful, inappropriate, degountante and silly opinions. That that is no reason to censor. That you just have to let everyone do it. For stupidity there is no solution. Censorship is the worst possible solution. The pressure that goes from the boiler through expression, goes through censorship yeast and grow into gigantic proportions. And explode. As others have already written, what you find Potsierlijk, another may find interesting. What I read from Quora user gives me the impression of someone with the heart in the right place and a passion that many are lacking. She doesn’t have to excuse herself for anything, you can ignore questions as much as you want. I prefer 100 questions that I would not answer immediately and then suddenly a very interesting one, then that there is never a question my direction comes from. Letting Quora run in the Nedralnds is a gigantic mission and communication can help. But asking whether or not to find interesting or forcibly, that’s not even relevant. That isnhow the seed works, and maybe you come across something that you learn something about or that you find interesting. Live and let live. Strawberry Fields Forever, again for the side pockets among us.

I too have trouble with some questions and that are the questions of “The only real” Community Manager.However, I have now understood that a number of questioners are paid for creating/translating questions. This often happens with lack of understanding of the subject. In addition, the questions are usually put on Quora almost directly from Google translate, or it looks very much like this. I have already asked a question about what I have had with Céline in the meantime.However, what bothers me most is that many translated questions are reasonably personal. Questions you might like to answer to help another person. But the result is that you do not share your own personal suffering with someone who can use your advice, but who has earned money from it.

I realise that the quality of Quora depends on the input that the participants deliver.Be best prepared to also generate questions, but have difficulty in spending time on qualitative questions, while others receive money for flut work. As far as answering is concerned, I try to avoid as many mass questioners as possible, although my education background cannot leave a good question.


Although Céline as Content Manager poses many questions, she also answers a lot of questions and makes a good contribution to this community.

It has all appearances.

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