Almost everyone here has a phD or higher education, but I don’t. Can I hear at home here?

I spent a year on this site, the English version then, wandering around before I wrote my first reply.I really didn’t think I could match all those other writers.

My first answer was about my dog; “Do you own a rare dog breed?” or something.There you don’t need a diploma to answer, and I especially did a lot of pictures. Furthermore, I answer a lot of questions about gardening, which is really such a topic where you learn by doing and the best tips come from people who have been rooting for years in the ground, not books.

For a long time it was not one of my answers for which I had the most upvotes, but a comment I had placed under an answer from the Always excellent Laura Hurt.Something about how sexual education was given in the Netherlands. They call this a joke.

I am still working with my training, I have not so much experience, in life, on the workplace.I especially read many answers to Quora. Sometimes I can write one myself, but I have to give myself some courage: ‘ You know this, this really is true, just send it in. ‘ And sometimes it is not true, or others disagree or have not thought of it.. Well that happens too.

But the more you write the better you get into it, at least that’s like me. If someone gives me a thank you or a compliment on an answer, yes it can make my day.If you do not belong here, I will not hear here either. But people seem to appreciate my answers, some then, so I think there is a place for us.

The biggest problem for a site like Quora is that it is a text-driven knowledge site.
I remember well that I used to be a lot of fishing and in the books you came across drawings of the most beautiful knots to tie a hook on the line.These drawings were already complex, but explaining it in text is many times more complex. As a result, Quora attracts a certain audience, an audience that can be served with text-driven answers.
And writers also need to be skilled in explaining complex matter clearly, which is an art apart.

However, I would not worry too much about your educational level.
Over time you can learn and if something is too complex and you want to really learn it you can just ask: how do I do this, can someone easily explain to me how that works?
You may not come at university level, but you can always learn.
Today astonished at a colleague who first heard that Pluto is not a planet but a dwarf planet, and that Eres (also a dwarf planet) is greater than Pluto.Academically skilled colleague. Is It weird that he doesn’t know this? No, this is not part of our field. Why do I know? Because in my childhood I devoured the whole encyclopedia and this coincidentally lies in my area of interest (incidentally I came into the conversation). And when I then just joined my knowledge (Pluto is part of the Kuiper belt and not the Oort cloud) it completely went out of the light.

This is just fun, you can learn from it.
Today I talked about project management and that it occasionally feels like the Greek figure that a stone rolls up the mountain which falls down every time (Sisyphos).My manager then made the comparison that it is similar to a wheelbarrow with frogs, where as a project leader you have to put the frogs in the wheelbarrow every time before you can continue.
Learned again.But underwater is also a bit more serious: how do you deal with this as a project leader. Because that is quite tricky.

Sharing this kind of information is easier in person than on the internet.
But if you want to learn: ask questions.But also: answer questions that are on the brink of your knowledge. Find the last bit there, make sure it’s correct, and answer. If it’s not quite right, someone will hopefully correct you: then you’ll learn double. By writing it in your own words, and by correcting the other.

If you “yes” can answer the question of whether you want to learn you hear here at home regardless of your training.Probably I can also learn some of you, there is a lot more that I don’t know than I do know.

My most upvote response to the US site got something from 20k, to up votes and has been quoted on BuzzFeed.

I am also quoted on police violence. I have a Mavo diploma

I think that Quora attracts many people who have a ‘ higher education ‘, but I think that simply correlates with people who are curious/eager to learn.The classic third variable: You see high education but the causal factor is curiosity.

You will probably also suffer from some confirmation bias.If you see in a bio “PhD in…”, then you think (consciously or not): “Again one”. If you don’t see that, you don’t stand still.

There are really a lot of people on Quora who have not enjoyed higher education.

Wow.. Definition.. Almost everyone.. I do not and you do not… So then we are the two who do not have it and further everyone else?Or is the group still 1 or two bigger than our two? Maybe 10? or 100.. then I soon say that almost everyone is no longer there. This Dutch version is not so long and I am almost certain that the number of Dutch people with a PhD or similar can be neglected here.

That really doesn’t make any thunder out of tis not that there are only scientific questions asked you are also a human being you also know things you have also faced with things as humans.I see it more as a platform for exchanging experiences. We are all people eventually and the biggest joke is that we actually know nothing

You could say that you and I belong right here.Enough people who, based on authority in a profession or subject, can bring us something.

In addition, there are also questions about personal experiences or opinions that you do not need to have studied.Not all knowledge is in books or a study.

Has been on this platform for years.(The English variant) It continues to amaze how much I continue to learn or get new insights through this site and the people on it.

Yes.For a large part you write because you like to do it. It gives you pleasure to write things out and to see them better, to organize and clearly display your gedacts, to put something short and concise.

You also read other answers and learn from them.You appreciate the art of writing.

Each of us has a unique personality and a unique view.You enrich other people with the description of yours.

Two things come up: what you write about and how you describe it.It is said that it is how often more important than the what.

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