According to you, who won the debate? Baudet of Rutte?

Rutte had the better arguments, and Baudet got his podium, but at the end of the day the Netherlands lost.

I don’t know what other people saw, but I’ve seen a public on national television Islamophobia applaud.You know, that moment when Baudet said that we should stop migration from Muslim countries after a film was sent in which young women did not have the rape and existential threat of aliens. Extreme right spots on public broadcasting. Migrants are being created for assassins and rapists. The helpless young woman with the handsome little pike that must be protected from the bloodthirsty foreigner. Welcome to the wonderful world of raspolitical propaganda. To rename it is like lipstick on ‘ n Pig.
‘t Is nothing new.The Internet has been filled with it for years. And for that we used newspapers and pamphlets. But this kind of nonsense is a matter of violence. Everyone has NML. The mandate to protect himself and his daughters. These types of messages are not innocent or normal.

Rutte I found very tithe by pretending he doesn’t know why FvD is pro-Russia. (Spoiler: It’s going to be money.) He was considerably better at the debate.
I may not be the best person to ask how Rutte’t did.I am not willing to go along in his attempt to seem reasonable by arguing ‘ n extremist ‘. About the same as calling yourself attractive by sitting next to a car accident. Ultimately, you’re giving up ‘ n extremist ‘ n platform, as Cameron the Brexiteers. But well, maybe I’m just cynical and did Rutte sincerely stop his best in the Netherlands from ‘ n ‘ to debate a pro-EU position. I think eventually ‘ n bit of both.

I haven’t watched the debate yet, because I prefer to dose my substitute shame.Mss. That I don’t look any further. If I want to disgusting I look like ‘ n horror movie, or American History X.

If we have to give a rash, I would say that Peacock is the loser. It has been borrowed as a platform for this nonsense.

EDIT: I’ve been debating it almost now. Wanted to say that Rutte has been very good at the head, and that Baudet has gone remarkably low.The remark about the sister was a rhetorical move to make Rutte emotionally. As subtle as a corpse in the freezer. He also repeated Trump, literally, when he was confronted with the question of where he took his wife’s image from. Alt-Right, anyone?

I thought it was an interesting debate and I would still not know who the winner was.

Baudet comes across as an open person who not only argues, but also tries to listen.Many politicians can take an example.
Mark Rutte really knew the very weak personal question of Baudet to outdo 100%, which was a bonus point for him.

Actually I tasted 1 big difference: you choose for or against Europe.
And then, after Trump and Brexit, it’s not all that far more sure whether we are all still for Europe.

Rutte in this case and for the motivation I refer you to the previously given answer to the question, was it a strategic move from Rutte to conduct the debate with Baudet?

The very right has taken a look.There really was no sensible word on where to go in the future with our country and in Europe.

BS all, get old cows out of the ditch and as usual opkraaing to. Again to be able to use excuses in Parliament not to take concrete steps… Same Old Story


Rutte went off when he called a Navy general.Certainly not been employed. I wonder how he managed to talk to him as he still talks about what is as crooked as a hoop, protects criminals and Islamists while he is honorable (under the Grachtengordel Class) civilians to the destruction, the poverty or both “inhelps” Avoidance disorder or something else? Enter for psychologists.

And that calls itself leader of a “People’s party” which people?The rich people we were in the seventeenth century: After that, it has gone downhill-mainly due to him.

And high inflation and ditto unemployment

Economically a rarity; Only some dictatorships have known such an economic misperformance.I will only be inappropriately silent about the troubled health care that Joris D., Michael P. and Thijs H. Cannot adequately deal with in order to prevent their disgusting crimes.

That Demmink a party mate is a sign on the wall.Amen.

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