Abortion is murder and must be allowed only in extreme cases. What is an argument against my vision?

Abortion is a choice for the least of two evilis.

On the one hand, you make sure that a developing life does not develop into a child.Yeah, that’s to.

On the other hand, you make sure that a person who is not yet, or not at all, or no longer, is able to get children, has the opportunity not to do so at that time.And that has very great advantages, for everyone.

But in the allergen-first place it is in favor of the child.Yes, really.

Imagine that you can choose, as a child, which parents you end up with.What would you choose?

A woman who is just 22, has been sitting in a therapeutic centre for 13 months, which has not helped, actually on the contrary, in an unstable relationship with friend who actually knew them before going to that centre and who in those 13 months 2 weekends per Month saw, once a week wrote a letter and once a week rang, she has no training, not even finished high school, and she lives in a student flat.

Whether that same woman, but then now 26, in a stable relationship, she lives in a house big enough for a child, she works, like her boyfriend, and earns well, and is reasonably happy.

As a child, would you REALLY choose that first woman?Without money, without training, without plans, without purpose?

Of course not.

But you find it no problem to saddle another child with such a mother?Because Hee, ending a fruit with the size of a hefty cashew nut, whose brains are not yet developed so that they show the brain scan of a person in a vegetative state, is so terribly much worse. Really?

So I find that very much.You seem to find it not a problem to imagine that the life of that child will be very difficult, with such a crummy beginning, you do nothing, but oh, that pitiful embryo.


And yes, that woman, that was me. Never regretted a shred of it, although I liked the fact that I had to take that decision.I wouldn’t have been a good mother for that first, but was a good mother for the next two. Without that abortion, number three had not been there now. I would have missed that very well.

A fetus cannot survive outside the body of his mother.As long as that is the case, the woman decides whether she wants to become the mother or not. Therefore, abortion is not murder because you cannot kill something that is not viable. As soon as it is the case, there is no more abortion.

Murder is a legal term.Made by the legislator to organize our legal system. Although I have a BA in law in the pocket, criminal law has not been my strongest profession.

I do have personal experience with this.

What I want to say is, no one (read: Women) 鈧?虄plegen abortion for fun or think about it lightly.In any case, it is a situation where it is considered. Where tears fall.

In the first few weeks, 鈧?虄the still no life.The heart is not yet there it is only a cell (?) or embryo (?) No idea if I say this well but it is explained to me and I understand this. In any case, it is a potential life but nothing that is still in the area (in the first few weeks). Therefore, as a woman, if you are quick, you can take an abortion pill (49 days after the first day of the last menstrual period) and do not have to 鈧?虄the with a suction curettage or any other procedure.

A woman, or young lady (!) really thinks about this. She will have nights of waking up there.She will curse herself for the fact that it was so walked as she did not envision it. She will ponder what people will think of her. Or she will quietly only make it through, to avoid negative reactions.

Reasons to commit abortion anyway despite 鈧?虄moord as you describe it.Perhaps she has been raped. Perhaps it does not have a financially stable or mental situation which makes it unable to take good care of the child. Perhaps she is depressed and she does not want a child who has to bear the worries for mother. Perhaps she is still working on her studies and dreams of a good stable basis.

Or how about women who believe that there are too many people on the earth.Or rather adopt.

It is not important to maintain the life of what is now.

Honestly, you don’t know.It’s not your practice.

In the countries where abortion is banned, this is illegal.

Is it not the most important to lay a safe and good foundation for your children?I think this is paramount.

Finally, men you can rest your case.Although I think that men should have a strong opinion on this, I can still do a lot against breast-thrusting. Have you noticed? The woman wears the child and then she gives birth to the child. You may find this dead normal but I find it a whole feat.

I don’t feel like the chicken and the egg story.The. Is. it. Body. Of. The. Woman.

I am also being nauseous of faithful people who are overdrammen that every potential life but must be maintained costs what it costs.What your faith is all about in the world has killed more people than kept alive. People kill each other on behalf of your faith. And you are forcing me as a woman to keep a baby (proof of speaking), so that your faith can destroy this same life. Of course I am not talking about myself. I live in the Netherlands so have very good luck. But look around and will see that most children are not at all so lucky. It really isn’t that hard to see.

Finally, you call me old-fashioned but I believe a child belongs to his or her mother.Whatever happened. No one can give love as a woman does this. She is the one who would give her life at the expense of her child. So she has the last word for me. In Most cases then, exceptions are left.

Whatever it is, abortion or the child’s love.There is no right or wrong. The most important thing is that the woman has been able to make a choice. Not forced by their inappropriate partner or creed fanatic. But by herself (if naturally emotionally, physically capable of doing so). Or in everyone’s case has had consultation and guidance.

I just think I have a more legal answer: who is going to test/investigate whether it has been a 鈧?虄extreme鈩?as the questioner states.You say in extreme cases it may be. Do you really think that this is legal to prove and will therefore be legitimate? The best lawyers will respond to this very quickly and all cases will become extreme. This dividing line will fade quickly. This will also cost too much time for the case-law.

“,” Then it’s just as good murder to refuse to get rid of a kidney, or a liver lobe to save someone’s life.The point is, that no one has the right to use your body, even for survival. This is how it works for pregnancies and thus it works at organ donations.

“,” Especially in the first two months of pregnancy, an embryo is nothing more than a lump of cells.It is a potential life, yet no actual life. And something must live before you can’t Kill

“,” That abortion is murder, it seems true.It basically involves living cells. Also if you kill a fly, antibiotic swallows (the term only), weeds out and even if you buy cut flowers, you are a killer. About vegetarians nothing but they eat plants and fruits, so that these plants and fruits are murdered.

‘ Abortion is murder ‘ is used as a laden expression.Unspoken you mean “abortion induced (there are also spontaneous abortions) is murder, so belongs in the Penal Code at home.” You can also compare a fetus with a cancer, an enrage of cells. Does this young life have certain rights or not and does the pregnant woman also have something to say about it?

Abortion induced can compare you with cutting off a birthmark.Can you cut a birthmark away or is that lack of respect for your parents?

The second part of the question is equally neutral.’ should only be allowed in extreme cases. ‘ What are those extreme cases then? Can it also oppose the will of women? Is abortion only allowed to punish a lusty woman? Seems to me to be extreme.

A more correct question seems to me “under what conditions, according to you, abortion should or may not be allowed?”

Funny that the abortion movement has succeeded in laying responsibility for the woman.Seems to me right, but I, as a man, would not have come up so quickly there.

After sexual intercourse, the morning after pill exists to induce a menstrual period.At a later stage there is an abortion pill, but you only get it when it is clear that you are indeed pregnant. That is burdensome, because a woman can feel she is pregnant, the house-garden-and-kitchen test also points this out, but the abortion clinic does not want to do the tests until after a few weeks. Of course you have an ambivalent attitude in an unwanted pregnancy, so preferably as soon as possible. Then just a home middle through a knowledge and yes it works. Happy.

This seems to me to be a good rule: abortion is always right if the woman feels relieved after the abortion.In addition, there are medical reasons, where the abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother. Also like to be at an early stage.

Extreme circumstances, such as the desire of the parents of the woman, or the desire of the author, cannot be a reason for an abortion.In an insane woman, an abortion against the will of the woman seems to be possible. But it is very difficult. Then you have to decide on another one anyway.

Murder is a legal term.As long as abortion is not described in law as murder then it is not murder.

Incidentally, it would be complicated to declare abortion to murder because you then have to sue every citizen who refuses to let his body use it for the life of another for murder.Equal rights are in the Constitution in the Netherlands. And an unborn fruit does not have any extra special rights that someone who has already been born has not.

Making aborting pregnancy illegal means that we should prosecute everyone for murder that refuses to give up blood, bone marrow, kidney, lung or liver lobe for another person who will die without donation.

Luckily we do not do this in a country like the Netherlands.Indeed, We have something like a right to physical integrity. That means that we can decide for ourselves what happens to our bodies and who uses it. This allows us to decide whether to donate blood or an organ, to keep a fetus alive, to give breast milk or to take our lives by saving another of the drowning death. And no one can force us to do this for another. Even if we have already died. Not even if the other then dies.

For Yes, if we refuse, another human being is dead.Indeed, the right to life has limits. It stops there where another’s right to self-determination begins. And that is true both for born and non-born people.

What makes murder wrong?It is not for the person who has been murdered, he or she is dead and cannot find anything. The misery of murder, which makes murder terrible, is in the grief of the people who give a person. They must live further with the lack. And of all the people who can give to someone, there is one person whose sorrow strikes the end of another’s life as nothing ever touched her, that is the mother. There is no human pain like the pain of a mother who loses her child. When my mother lost a child I saw pain as I never wanted to see it. And how much I loved Nynke too, my mother loved her more.

If there is a mother who thinks it is better that a child is not born because she may not be able to take good care of her living situation, or for whatever reason, who can find some of it?The person who will undoubtedly be the closest to a child (or as far as I am concerned) takes the decision. The child knows nothing, feels nothing, will not notice the fact that she was once potentially alive. There is no reason to feel sorry for a fetus, apart from your opinion on abortion, pity the mother who is abortion 鈧?虄pleegt . It is her own choice, believe me, she is not happy with it. Sometimes there is no solution. For the child it is probably better to never really live than to have a difficult childhood with a mother who cannot take care of her child properly.

Be careful in estimating the value of your own vision.If you get into a discussion with a professor of physics about a detail of the general theory of relativity, let your opinion go, he knows better.

You come up with an opinion and now desire arguments?Come well anyway….

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