Dylan was the person who suggested, encouraged and published the comic book I made, Passage, and his enthusiasm and support changed my life. You know when you got very, very lucky in school and had that one wonderful teacher who made you feel so proud of the work you did and encouraged you to make more? That was Dylan I think for a lot of people.

His support made me feel like my work had value and that support made me work harder creatively than I ever had before, at a time in my life when having a meaningful project became central to my self esteem and helped me stay engaged with the world. He may not have known that, but that’s what happens when you are a passionate, enthusiastic, thoughtful person, seeking to help others express themselves. But more than that, he was just profoundly cool and funny and kind and generous. I think Francois said it best:

The more I think about Dylan’s passing the more I feel that his was the measure of a good life: to have a positive and lasting effect on many, many people and communities, and to leave behind a legacy of honesty and kindness. He lives on in a thousand memories.

If you haven’t yet, please consider buying some comics from Sparkplug to help raise money for his medical costs. In fact, if you are planning on buying my comic I encourage you to get it from Sparkplug.

I found these other thoughts on Dylan very moving and true and much more articulate than my own. I don’t seem to be able to fully express what a wonderful person he was, or how he lived his life with so much heart, and that changed all of our lives.

Goodbye Friend by Minty Lewis
Dylan Williams by Damien Jay
Dylan Williams, MVP by Gabby Schulz
Dylan Williams, Publisher at Sparkplug Passes Away by Raighne Hogan

Thank you for everything, you will be deeply missed, Dylan.